Discouraged with HA results



TV Streamer 2 and Phone Clip+ are backwards compatible with all wireless ReSound HAs.

Both your old and any new HAs will benefit tremendously from being used with Phone Clip+

You have a very wise wife :wink:. I’m certain the Vidas when properly fitted by a pro will outperform your old HAs, but if they are worth the extra money only you can judge.

I think that MFi is much overrated. With an iPhone (without Phone Clip+) you still have to hold the phone near the mouth so that the called party is able to hear you. With the Phone Clip+ on your shirt, you can keep the phone in your pocket or bag as the Phone Clip+ contains a microphone. To hear the telephone ringing in your HAs, the Phone Clip+ just has to be within Bluetooth range. I use my ReSound HAs with an Android phone with the Smart app which serves as remote control. When at home, the Phone Clip+ lies on the living room table and picks up calls from both the PSTN phone (with Bluetooth) and the smartphone. I answer whichever phone is ringing by tapping the answer button on the Phone Clip+.


When I had the Phone Clip+ the people I called had issues with the sound quality. It worked OK with MFi on my iPhone though.

BTW, I still gave a Resound TV Streamer 2 available that I cannot use. A reasonable offer gets it. Somebody from here already bought the Phone Clip + I had.


I’ve only had 1 complaint about sound quality and it was solved by detaching the Phone Clip+ from my shirt and holding it in my hand as I would have held the phone.


I believe I discovered why I had trouble hearing on the phone, for the first few weeks that I wore the new aids I wasn’t inserting them far enough into my ears, and I believe the reason is because the little rubber part that fits into my ears are too large. With the old aids I just popped them into my ears and was on my way, with these new ones, by accident I discovered I have to use my finger and apply pressure to get them in far enough to hear. I don’t think that should be the case, I shouldn’t have to use force to get them inserted.
I have an appointment Saturday for my second check up and will ask if there are smaller rubber inserts. My normal fitter won’t be there that day, good, I have plenty of question for the alternate fitter. I like my normal fitter, nice, easy to deal with and has 10 years experience, but that doesn’t make her good. I don’t know if she is the problem, I’m the problem, or the HAs are the problem, but I expected to be guided by an experienced professional and I’m not sure that I am. How do I know, I’m not an expert, all of this leads to frustration.
I do know that now that the new ones are working better after learning I have to force them in to place, I still don’t see that they are any better than my old ones. I put in the old ones a few hours ago this morning and they seem to be just as good as the new ones. I’m beginning to think the only thing one gains by buying new aids is they have more gadgets available, which I don’t care about.
The difference between no HAs and the old ones is profound. The difference between the old and new is hardly noticeable. I still find myself looking at my wife for translation when speaking with someone.
Unless for some unforeseen miracle, at this point I am planning on returning the new ones and living with the old. I can spend $2800 and hear poorly, or spend nothing and hear equally poorly…
I will give them another chance, but as of now I am not a happy camper.
Thanks for listening to my rant…


That is why I prefer custom ITE hearing aids, I am always sure they are correctly I my ear, if not I can tell it right away


I think you didn’t have a very good fitting when you received your HAs. They might not have been programmed correctly and your domes (little rubber things) are not the correct size for you. Tell the Costco fitter about the problems you are having. You have several options if you are not satisfied which include returning the Resound HAs and trialing the KS8s. If you are not happy with the KS8s you can return them. As you have stated, you can always send your old aids in for repair. Let us know how your appointment goes. Take care.


Try the phonak Marvels. excellent sound quality, and you can Bluetooth direct to your phone for both sides. :wink:


Other vendors have done that for years. My old KS6 (Resound Linx) aids did that and so do my KS8s. My KS6 were old tech when I bought them 3 years ago!

Bluetooth LE to iPhone works well.


No other hearing aid at this time can do what the marvel does. The phone gets connected directly to the aids without a device to go between them. up until the marvels came out, The Phonak Audeo direct would connect to 1 side to the phone. As far as I know ALL other aids that connect to a cell phone needed another device(compilot,surflink) to connect to the phone.


The Oticon OPN connect directly to the Iphone but needs the connect clip to connect to any other phone as of now. I have read that may change soon.


Only true if that phone is Android. Most hearing aids now already connect directly to iOS devices (including iPhones) without needing an intermediate streaming device.


The phonak Marvel connects to Iphones , Android , flip phone, ANY BLUETOOTH DEVICE not needing a clip,surflink,or compilot. And can be changed from one device to another without needing a computer, pad,or remote control.


If I remember correctly, it’s not any bluetooth device, but limited to phones (ie, it won’t connect via bluetooth to computer) Also, there are definitely some differences in how they work with iPhones compared to made for iPhone devices. A lot of people aren’t happy with how they work with iPhones. However for Android phones, they’re the only game in town for direct binaural streaming.


The Signia Nx. Rexton 80 8C, and Kirkland Signature 8.0 connect direct to an iPhone. You do need an intermediate device to connect to an Android phone though.


And that’s why Marvel’s directly connecting to Android using Bluetooth Classic is such a big deal. Android now has over 80% market share and it opens up a huge market.


That’s a big plus in my mind. Question though is does direct streaming to iPhone or other phones with that capability offer an improved connection/improved hearing level - over phones that must be linked with a clip, surflink, or compilot? Just wonder if incoming sound is the same or is there a distinct improvement using direct streaming? Even if the trade off is nil, the fact that one does not have to wear a connecting device, nor pay for one out of pocket makes direct streaming a “win”.


All top level aids from all brands connect direct to iPhones.


There might be a slightly worse microphone function in moderate noise because the microphone is a little further from the mouth, than when using a device. Incoming quality with direct should be as good as with a device.

The problem, with the Marvel, of not being able to work with multiple devices is something that must be solved.


The challenge has been thrown down, with the Marvel. Mfi is obsolete. True hands free direct connect bluetooth is what the other companies have to match or exceed.

I’m a little disappointed with the one-device thing with the Marvel, but other companies will improve on it and it will give them some selling points.


I have Phonak Marvel M90-R’s and actually the Marvels do work with multiple devices. To do so you must un-pair from the current device and then re-pair to the new device. This takes an extra couple of minutes to do and is definitely an irritation. Phonak needs to fix this so the Marvels work like Bluetooth Classic is supposed to work.