Discouraged with HA results



I have been wearing Resound from COSTCO which are at least four years old, the one in my good ear is no longer working well . Because of the age and condition, and all of the new technology that has appeared since mine were purchased, I decided it was time to replace them. I went to COSTCO with the intent of purchasing the Kirkland Signature advertised for $1599, however the HA tech suggested I purchase the new Resound Vida, for an extra $1k+, which is supposedly newer technology and a better choice than the Kirklands. I followed her recommendation, although suspicious about why the up sell? They don’t work on commission, but I really wonder what advantage the extra thousand was going to do for me?
When they arrived, the HA specialist was unable to REM adjust because I had wax in one ear, so I wore them for two weeks, in the mean time went to the Dr to have my ear cleaned. During that delay, I was not thrilled with the new Vida’s, but hoped for improvement when the REM was completed.
The REM was done almost two weeks ago, and I still can’t hear very well, it’s impossible to watch TV without the closed captions, when wife talks to me from across the room I can’t understand her. The sound seems to be loud enough, but words are not clear enough to understand, you might say muffled.

Finally last night when the low battery signal sounded, I decided to go back to my old aids to compare, so I popped in some batteries and inserted my worn out oldies, and WOW, life was good again. I could hear as well with those old dogs as with the new ones, even in the condition they are in.

With the new Vida aids, talking on the phone was uncomfortable, and I couldn’t hear well, I tried moving the phone around and nothing helped, it was so bad I even tried taking the HA out to finish the conversation. I told the HA specialist about that and she said I should hold the phone over the behind the ear piece, that is where the mic is located. I since have tried that to no avail, still hard to hear on the phone.

I just finished a phone call with the old aids and after I hung up the phone, I realized that I had no trouble hearing and not at all uncomfortable, far better than the new Vidas…!

My plan now is to alternate the new and the old for a while to see what happens, but I’m totally discouraged, not knowing if it’s me or my fitter. I’m seriously considering sending my old HAs in for replacement for a small fraction of the cost of the new aids. They are just OK, not great, but better than the new high dollar ones… I don’t mind spending the money if I got results, but I would be going backwards to spend thousands on the new ones. I’m not sure what to try next.


It’s the fitter. If you get dramatically better outcomes from your old hearing aids, the problem is in the fit, not in you.


I would go back to Costco and have your new aids adjusted by another HIS. Perhaps one with more experience in fitting the new Resound HAs. If you are not satisfied with them take advantage of Costco’s liberal return policy. You can then try their KS8s. How all goes well.


They did not let you demo the aids? My Costco will not fit if there is wax in the ear.
After my test, we determined my KS6 aids could not be adjusted better.
I tried both the KS8 & the Resound.

For me, the KS8 was much better for speech than the Resound, so I bought the KS8. Even if the KS8 were more expensive that the Resound, I would have chosen the KS8, personally.

We tried the Resound because the KS6 was made by Resound for Costco.

You may be able to find a different Costco branch with better service. Over the last 3 years I tried 2 different branches. I now drive 2 hours to visit a better one.


Donn2390, it definitely sounds like this may be a frequency/program adjustment issue. Especially as you are finding speech (in person, on the phone) such a challenge. You can get programs to specifically address these issues (I used to have one dedicated to the phone), but definitely either go back to your fitter or find a different audiologist who KNOWS how to fit you with optimal aids.


I appreciate everyone’s input, yesterday I wore y old ones all day and last evening switched back to the new. I really don’t see any significance difference between the two. I shall continue to monitor between the two and attempt different things until my next appointment. I want to be sure and know the problem isn’t my imagination.
To answer several posters at once, my fitter has been a HA specialist for 10 years a t Costco, so the experience should be sufficient, however I know that doesn’t mean she is good.!
I did demo the aids the normal 15-20 minutes walking around the store, but that isn’t real life. She did not fit when I had the wax situation, but did send me home with them as they came from the factory, the REM test was done two weeks later at the first check up.
I still have plenty of time to return them, I will make the decision by my next appointment next week.
At this point, I am seriously thinking about sending my old ones in for replacement. If they work as good at the expensive one, I’d rather pay $135, rather than $2800, but then I’m old and stubborn, wife doesn’t agree and she rules the roost. I shall continue the research and let you know how it ends up.
Thanks again all for chiming in…


In my experience, the user success is dependent more on the carefulness & listening by the professional rather than seniority.
They also need to ask for help & not assume they know everything about the aids or about your experience.

It varies widely from branch to branch at Costco.


The best Audi that I ever had was the one that had just started at the VA and I was one of her first patients. She was my Audi for almost 8 years. I felt like as she learned the ropes so did I. She was great at explaining hearing aids, and the differences, not only I aids but brand concepts and hearing loss types. I surely miss her, but I feel I have a good experienced Audi here too.


That mirrors some of my experiences.

My best professionals were being mentored to get their HIS certificate

My 2 worst were an Audiologist who taught Audiologists part time and a new Audiologist who knew it all and ignored my hearing issues. Neither one got a permanent sale from me.



You may consider getting the clinician to run a REM sweep on your old devices and then compare that to the new aids - I find this sometimes helps to highlight differences in the way the hearing aids are amplifying and can help to further fine tune your new aids. You shouldn’t be going backwards in terms of sound quality and speech recognition with your new devices though!


I’d echo that. Find out what your old HA settings were and compare. It will also depend on your audiogram profile. I too went to Costco and had Resound Fortes recommended because of my profile. Things have been inconsistent at best. I suspect one of two things. It’s possible that because the initial fitting was done using NAL-NL2 rather than Resound’s Audiogram+, that the settings are off what the hearing aid expects. The other is that the various automated features, such as Noise Tracker, don’t react fast enough to be useful, at least to me.

I have an appointment tomorrow and I’m going to try disabling Noise Tracker on All-Around plus a few other tweaks.

By the way, Resound has an automated REM feature. I don’t know how good it is and I don’t know if Costco uses it. I’ll check that tomorrow.


When I did a quick trial of Resounds at Costco they used the Resound REM.


My wife and I both have ReSound aids. We use the ReSound TV Streamer 2 when watching TV. It gives you the clear sound in stereo as if wearing headphones. Audio is streamed directly to the aids. You don’t have to wear any kind of receiver.

Using Phone Clip+ lets you use your aids as a Bluetooth headset. In addition audio is streamed to both ears, which improves word understanding by a factor 4.
Choosing program, stream source and fine tuning noise filters and more is done with the smartphone app: Smart 3D which let you control more features of the aids than the Remote Control.


I have a TV Streamer 2 for sale. PM be with an offer. Somebody here already bought mu Phone Clip+ I moved to KS8 made by Rexton.
Nothing wrong with the streamer. I just do not have a use for it any more.


I’m interested in getting a TV streamer, but not until I decide on which HAs I’m going to end up with.
With my old resounds HAs I can hear fine on the phone, almost impossible with the new ones.
At this point I’m almost certain I’m going to return the new resounds, and I for sure are going to send my old ones in for repair.replace, it’s only $135ea and that may very well be as far as I go, as I hate going back and forth and getting nowhere. Wife wants me to go to an outside source and get a real autoligists opinion.
I don’t need the iphone compatible and don’t need the lost aid help, haven’t misplaced an aid in over five years as a user.
totally discouraged at this point, I was expecting to see an amazing difference. Are the new ones better? Maybe, probably, but not enough that I can see a difference. I have been switching back and forth between the new and old for over a week now, don’t see any startling difference, and one of my old ones isn’t working very well.
I’ll keep you posted… Thanks all for the feedback…


Isn’t there a 30 day return for full money back guarantee at Costco?


I had 180 days and all the posts I have seen from those who bought from Costco state the same 180 day full refund return policy.


180 days is an awesome return policy. I was just afraid that his return period would expire and the OP would be stuck. Hopefully with a 180 return policy the hearing professional will have enough time to address his hearing issues.


180 days return at all Costco’s in the states. I believe it is 90 days in Canada.


Couldn’t you just ask them for a demo of the Kirkland Signature 8.0?