Disable ReSound iPhone Program Switching?

I am wondering if anyone knows whether there is a solution to the following: My ReSound Calas (Costco, and using Smart app) can be very annoying when I am browsing the Internet on my iPhone. If I get anywhere near a video or a link with an audio file on a website I’m browsing, the hearing instruments immediately switch to iPhone program mode, which of course largely mutes surrounding sound since it takes me out of my normal program setting. Eventually, they switch back, but not always. I’ve tried reloading the app, but I can’t find any way to make the iPhone program setting manual rather than automatic. It’s even more annoying when I’m streaming television audio from the TV Streamer2 and on my iPhone in a web browser at the same time. Btw, the Calas can only use the Smart app, not Smart 3D, though that might not make a difference for this problem.

The only way you’re going to solve this problem is by disconnecting the Bluetooth. Whatever you’re looking at is opening the audio output. Even Amazon’s shopping app does this now. I find it incredibly annoying.

You don’t have to disconnect bluetooth. Go into iPhone Settings, Accessibility, Hearing Devices, Audio Routing, Media Audio and change it to “Never Hearing Devices.”

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THANK YOU, jay_man2!!!

Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately, both solutions redirect the audio to the phone’s speaker, where of course it is still audible. I was hoping to prevent activating the automatic play function when my cursor gets anywhere near an audio file, but still be able to enable it manually.

The automatic play function is likely a brower setting that you should turn off. In Safari on my Mac I can have autoplay turned off, or I can have it turned on but audio turned off. That lets me control when I hear what.