Digital Hearing Aids: Since When?

A few open questions to all or any forum member(s) who may know the answer(s); can anyone please tell me . . .

  1. When digital hearing aids become routinely available?

  2. Did they cost more when they first came out than they do now?

  3. Are the prices of digital hearing aids generally coming down over time?

Thank you!

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Digital aids came out around 1996 (I believe Oticon Digifocus and Widex Senso were the first models)

It seems that the top of the line models have stayed fairly steady at around $2500 per aid. New technology is released and then the older models become less expensive, but the top seems to always stay around the same price range. What are considered “entry level” aids today were premium aids a few years ago.

digifocus was the first commercially available HI, it was Behind the ear
then Widex came with the first ITE (digital I mean)

I believe Gn came with the Canta family 1 month after oticon…

Canta 2 still sells

. . . ty audiogal!

If the top of the line models hover consistently around $2,500 per aid, can you (or anyone reading this) please tell me what ball park price figure today’s “entry level” aids (that were premium aids a few years ago) hover around?

Just trying to get some idea of what to expect, thanks!

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check this model

Oticon tego or go pro
Phonak Una or Extra
Gn plus 5 or Pixel

  1. I agree with the other posters, around 1996 (depending on market).

2/3) If you are waiting for them to get really cheap, it just isn’t going to happen. A really good set is easily going to run $4,000. Top of the line can be over $6,000.

As new technology comes out older models are sometimes reduced in price, but then you are buying yesterdays technology.

Remember that not all digital is the same. What Oticon and Widex considered digital back in the 90s is a joke by the standards we have today. Of course, they have moved forward just has other companies have. The technology is going to keep evolving, and every few years a new generation of hearing aids will be born. But there is little advantage to waiting for something better around the corner. If you applied that technology to computers Moores law would prevent you from ever buying one.

widex I think still sells the senso…
perhaps you need to look for balance
most mid price instruments offers just that