Digital Audiozoom vs Voicezoom

Anyone knows what’s the difference between digital audio zoom and voice zoom technology introduced by Phonak in Naida & Audeo Yes models?

Which is better between the two? Does is significantly improve speech understanding in noisy situations?

You are now entering the arcane world of marketing-speak!

If you are a techie and if you sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and if Phonak trusts you then you MIGHT be able to get some detailed info in PDF files … but otherwise … hmmm …

i think the difference might be that yes might have adaptative multi band directionallity in I think they claim 33 channels or so …

I believe the distinction is related to a function called adaptive directionality. This feature will attempt to reduce sound levels at a specific locations behind and to your sides. Research data show that directional microphones do improve speech understanding in noise. Adaptive steering of directional microphones has not been shown to consistently improve performance outside of the laboratory.

What is the benefit difference in real life situations?