Digital Aid Insurance


I am about to purchase a pair of Phonak digital aids. The price is high enough that I am considering insurance to cover loss. I have seen policies for loss, loss and repair.

Does anyone have and advice about this type of insurance. I wonder if I really need the repair coverage.

Any information is apprecaited.

There are no digital hearing aids insurance. I had to pay with my own money to get my new digital hearing aids.

I use ESCO ( for our patients.

They are an insurance carrier that you work directly with, skipping the dispenser/audi, and they will insure any brand of hearing aid.

The good thing is that they will insure even top of the line digitals with no deductible and they will not substitute (in my experience anyway) with another brand (some insurance carriers, especially manufacturer sponsored ones will replace with a “comprable” hearing aid).

If your audi does not participate, you can ask Esco to sign them up.

Will give them a shout!! :slight_smile: