Difficulty mounting domes on ReSound Preza

I took out my domes yesterday to check the wax guard. It was hard to put the dome back on but I did. Going to bed took my Aids out to charge. Well the dome was not on, I found it in my ear. I had a heck of a time putting those domes back on. Took me about five minutes I push them in then I twisted them and had to twist them many times and then I finally got it on.

Wearing Resound Preza 8’s. Medium Receiver.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas for me?

Side note: is it normal to periodically lose sound in one ear and then in a few seconds it comes back on again? Have no feedback. Large canals and domes block out all external noise.

I have Resound Cala from Costco, have not had a problem with the domes coming out, but it is a little tricky to push the dome back on the receiver. I tend to slightly pull back on it to make sure it has set in properly.
I have a new pair of Preza coming in this Sunday; looking forward to the newer technology especially since my hearing loss has gotten worse over the past three years. Good luck with your new aids.

The domes didn’t come out but I had a problem putting the domes on the wax guard or receiver.

I’ve had that experience of a dome coming out. The safest thing to do would to just be patient and see your HCP. My wife is a doctor and routinely examines her patients’ ears with an otoscope. So I trust her to remove a dome stuck in my ear that way. I laid my head sideways down on a table to be as immobile as possible, ear with the stuck dome up. I gave her a fine-tipped but blunted forceps. She could see the dome and knew from her medical experience that she was nowhere near my ear drum and she could easily latch onto the dome and pull it out. Unless you have an experienced person as an assistant, it probably would not be a good idea to give them on-the-job training…

That’s one advantage of wearing molds. The type I wear are cast with small discrete plastic pull rods, one for each ear. You don’t have to pull on the receiver wire, just the tiny knobbed rod or thread attached directly to each mold. So there is essentially no danger of the mold coming off the receiver in your ear.

Also, something else that helps with both domes and molds. If, as you are slowly and gently pulling the receiver out of your ear by whatever means is appropriate for dome or mold, with your other hand reach up to the top of your ear lobe and gently pull the back top of your ear lobe up and slightly away from the side of your head. This may open up your ear canal a bit and ease the removal of the receiver and mold or dome combination. I find varying the amount of tension on the ear lobe more helpful than just pulling steadily with a certain tension helps to find the “Goldilocks” amount of tension on the ear lobe that helps do the job.

P.S. The other thing about messing around with the inside of your ear and inserting and removing receivers is that you want to be reasonably gentle and careful doing it. From what I’ve read, abrading the inside of your ear canal by putting your finger or Q-tips into your ear canal or being too rough inserting or removing your HA’s is a major cause of ear infections by making your tissue more accessible to infectious agents that are naturally present in your ear canal and the environment all the time (just like getting a cut on your skin surface infected).

Your environment and accessories can make a difference. Maybe yours are not the same as mine. But because my phone does not support Android 10 or ASHA, I use the ReSound Phone Clip+ BT streamer. I have previously found that if the streamer is on and idle (no phone use, no media streaming) that perhaps because of a previous version of the Smart 3D app, my HA’s would act as if they were attempting to start streaming from the inactive streamer from time to time (volume of external mics would drop down) and then just as suddenly the regular amplification of room volume would come back. This was also typically at a Gold’s Gym where there might have been 100 to 200 other folks working out, most of them with BT devices, too. So I never did figure out whether it was the streamer and/or the concentrated universe of BT devices - never seemed to happen when the Phone Clip+ was completely off or when I was actively streaming something through it and for some irrational reason, I found the Smart 3D app a convenient scapegoat to blame for the phenomenon, with no real justification on my part. Your situation, obviously, may be entirely different.

I found this thread to be extremely interesting. First, regarding the ReSound Preza and the vast improvement of hearing since I got them two weeks ago. Previously there was improvement as I went from one generation of HA to the next but not a vast improvement. This time there was, like night to day. I am sure it is due to the improvement of the electronics but the use of molded ear pieces instead of domes I am sure helped. There are these “tiny knobbed rod” thingies attached to each mold. They are helpful in removing the molds from the ears. I also find that a bit of wiggling helps in getting the mold free of the ear.

Good luck with your new Prezas.

Replacing domes can be tricky. By remembering how difficult it was to get them off will help you understand how to put them back on.
Putting new domes on takes a certain force as does taking them off. There is a snap feeling when they do go on properly.
Giving them a tug trying to remove once on helps you understand if they are really on properly so they won’t come off in your ear canal.

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