Difficulty hearing with my ReSound LiNX Quattro

I cannot hear very well since fitted with my new Resound Linx Quattro hearing aids. I got them in January, and have had right aid sent back because I couldn’t hear through it. They replaced it. Now the left one is so quiet that I cannot hear the beeping sound of it turning on. I also have problems with the charger not charging because of the custom ear molds. I have tried replacing wax guards and regularly use the drier. Even when they work, I cannot hear like I could with last pair. Audiologist has tried to adjust them many times. I am frustrated.

I can’t tell how long you have had these but if they are still returnable I would send them back and get credit. Frankly, if another audiologist is available where you are going I would ask for someone else to look at it. Have had my Resounds for 2 years with zero problems. Sounds like they are not set up right. You should have your hearing re-tested and then have the audiologist reprogram them according to the new audiogram. Not all audiologist are created equal.