Difficulties while listening to podcasts with HA




I wonder how do you listen to podcasts, and do you feel comfortable listening to a podcast while doing other things (e.g. cooking)?

I have a profound hearing impairment on both of my ears (avg. 100db) since i was 2. I have never had the experience enjoying podcasts, and recently I found there are some podcasts seem very interesting that I would love to give them a try. However, the experience was a bit of hassle for me.

The situation happening to me is: I always have to be quite concentrated while listening to these all these speech things. As a result, I am not able to work or do some thing else like what hearing normal people do while listening to podcasts. So, it just becomes some sort of waste of time, which consumes lots of my energy as well.

I have tried some gateway streamers such as Phonak Compilot (I wear Phonak Naida Q), and other telecoil hearing induction loops. But they didn’t actually help – it’s even not really a matter regarding to the quality of sound as I am not good at listening to someone talking in front of me without reading their lips.

I would love to know how you do listen to podcasts. Any sharing would be greatly appreciated. I am very curious on how people deal with this scenario.

Thank you! :blush:


I stream them from my iPhone or iPad to my hearing aids


I also am profoundly deaf and wear the Phonak Naida (Brio) and I use my Phonak Roger Pen to stream things as the Roger System gives you an added 10db of gain.


thanks. it’s a pity that Phonak hasn’t provided built-in bluetooth HA yet. Does this help you listen to podcasts while doing something else?


haven’t tried Roger Pen yet! it seems that your situation is similar to mine. Can you listen to podcasts while working on something else?


My hearing loss is typical age(noise)-related ski slope loss and I wear open domes and have good low-frequency hearing.

Nevertheless, I like to wear over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones to listen to podcasts. Besides helping to make up for relative lack of bass in HA and having outside noise by passing my HA’s and going straight to my eardrums, considerations that probably don’t apply in your instance, I can use the various basic programs and all the tuning features available in the ReSound Smart 3D app to adjust my listening experience as much as I like whereas for streaming direct to HA’s, with ReSound, one is limited to manual adjustments in the HA app. (although you say sound quality is not the problem in your OP)

As far as concentration, maybe that’s a self-training thing that will improve with experience. So much of anything we listen to, even the conversation of other humans, is in one ear, out the other. So maybe also with time you will just selectively pay more attention to the parts that matter and not worrying about drifting off on topics or parts of topics that are much less interesting. Perhaps if you are listening to podcasts that you want to tell others about, you’ll pay more attention, too? “I must tell so-and-so about XYZ…”

Perhaps there is a way of getting a transcript of the podcast, either directly from the generator(s) of the podcast or using something like Google Translate or Microsoft Translator to generate an English-to-English translation (and thus a running transcript) that might help your listening experience and allow you to skim back through text if you just missed an important point or didn’t hear a word clearly enough - that might provide something akin to your lip-reading experience. Maybe there are other accessibility options that would even work better than such ad hoc adaptations of translator software?


Yes I can. Most of the time, I listen to them whiles cooking.


Phonak do have a Bluetooth HA, it’s the Phonak Marvel range. They haven’t yet come out with the Ultra Power version tho.


I can listen to podcast but I can’t do anything else at the same time.
When I was driving a car I was not able to listen to (understand) my wife talking (or vice versa) :frowning: (nowadays only my wife is driving)
Even worse: when watching soccer/football (AE/BE) I am not able to do communications with fellows or the like.
I can manage two different things at the same time but none of these two may be “listening”.

For me “hearing” is a single tasking operation, although I use direct streaming where possible. As an IT-profession I would describe it as follows: Each time “hearing” is running as a foreground task all other tasks are flushed to /dev/null instead of keeping registers and return addresses on stack.


how you are managing group chat for program development and debugging ? while at same time code writing and talking are important.


Good question. Group chats are difficult if the group is greater than 2 persons. When talking face to face I don’t look into the code. My colleagues have to stop talking as long as one points me to a specific line or block of code. Most of sourcecode related conversation is being mailed.
When we talk about a strategy then I can follow the conversation because I know what we are talking about. In contrast at home when my wife is reporting anything it takes a while until I understand what she is talking about - she switches topic way too often.
I have a fellow who is not a native speaker. It is nearly impossible for me to understand him on the first attempt because he often mispronounce the words. The other colleagues do understand him most of the time.


Thank you Jim for the sharing!

Yes, transcript helps a lot. I enjoyed some TED talks over their transcripts and substitutes provided. I do sometimes use Google translate to generate transcripts of the conversations as well. However, I am still not able to do something else while listening to podcasts.

Self-training is a tempting idea! I will check if there is any instruction of self-training available online for those who suffer from the similar situation like what I do.


Thank you for the sharing. I do have the same situation as you do (I also work as a front end developer). “Hearing” is always running as a foreground task for me. That’s why I feel that listening to podcasts is something that is not economical – it always takes all of my current concentration. Even so, I usually failed to grasp all the words in the talks and catch up.

One of my observation is that the hearing of the impaired alters our experience of listening to the podcasts, as the different points commented in this conversation seem correlated with the levels of hearing loss.


Hi all, I’ve been checking this thread and noticed many here have losses very similar to mine (ski slope, profound in the high frequencies).
I can confirm also I recognize the difficulcies found in everyday life, with hearing as top priority task taking over everything else, especially with women voices!
Ref to podcasts, if available I always use subtitles/transcripts.
Ref to conf calls/group chat, I use transcription service app called Ava: not perfect but helping.
Clearly (maybe not to you) english comprehension is way much more difficult than my native language (italian), also due to higher pitch of english phonemes.
Now I wear Phonak Audeo Q90 (since five years and had huge benefits since, made me love HA) and will soon start trialing the Phonak Marvel and other brands.