Different Startup sounds


I have had a pair of Signia Pure 312 7nx S hearing aids for a few months.
This morning i remembered to finally pair them with my phone. During set up the hearing aids refused to pair. And while turning them off and on I remembered that the hearing aids have different start up sounds. I never paid it much attention, but when trying to pair they both pair separately, not together. What should I do?



^^^ WELCOME to the board of know-it-ALLS! You’ll get more advice here than mine, but what you raise is a pet peeve of mine: leaving the audi’s office without having your phone paired up! It’s too easy for them to say, “And you can stream easily with iPhone (or Android)!” - then send you on your merry way.

Nope. I sit like a gigantic boulder in my audi’s office until we BOTH work through the phone pairing. Believe me, it’s dicey, inconsistent, flaky and absolutely necessary - ALL at once. You’re paying for this convenience, so I think your audi needs to spend 10 min (or more) and get your aids paired up proper.

It seems odd that your aids would pair one at a time to the phone. That’s not how it typically works. For me and my Phonak Marvels, the process is pretty straightforward (but LONG and sometimes unsuccessful) whereby I go through some screens on my Android phone with aids OUT, battery door OPEN. Then I close the battery door and in many seconds they pair with the phone.

I’ve had to restart my phone a couple times on some occasions - so try that, too. Your aids and phone should pair up together, but finding the right formula to do that is critical. Once you and your audi work it out, WRITE IT DOWN. Cuz if your aids go out of pairing, nothing is more frustrating than to try and make a call while figuring out how to pair the aids.

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted what works for you.



Do you have an app on your phone that you would use for the pairing? I pair my Phonak M 90s with or without the app–the app does give a little more control. Some brands might require the app for pairing; just a thought.



I use the Kirkland Signature 8.0 HA’s which I think are essentially identical to the ones you have. I have paired them to both an Android phone and an iPhone. The procedures are different depending on your phone. With both phones I used the Smart Direct app. The Signia equivalent I believe is called myControl.

With an iPhone you need to pair first using the MFi option. This is like an app built into the iPhone iOS. Go to Settings, General, Accessability, and MFi Hearing Devices. Here it is best to take your HA’s out, open the battery door, and then close them both. It will give you the option to pair, and after you accept it will make you accept twice, one for each hearing aid.

After you have done the MFi pairing, or if you have an Android you go into the Smart Direct App (May be called myControl on the Signia). If you have just started it for the first time it will lead you into the pairing process. If not, then use the icon in the bottom right to bring up the Settings menu, and then go down to Setup and follow the instructions. This time I believe it pairs both HA’s at the same time. You should be good to go after following that process.