Different Programs

Besides the Melody start up, Speech in loud noise and Comfort in noise are there any other programs you like that benefit you?

In the lingo my KS8 aids use I find the following programs useful:

  1. Automatic program - switches automatically to various modes
  2. iFocus 360 Auto program - for in car/truck use. It suppresses road noise but directionally selects voice activity from beside you and behind you.
  3. Noise/Party mode - Conversation in a noisy environment
  4. Listening to Music - For recorded music

What I don’t find very useful are:

  1. Outdoor/Traffic - No better than the Automatic program
  2. xPhone - Transfers sound from one ear to both ears. It works but is too cumbersome to switch into it. I prefer the iPhone direct to the ears for phone conversation

Music is one a lot of people like.

I personally just have the default program only and it is an automatic mode switching setup and it works great for me

On my KS8’s, I have a “hot rod” program. It virtually cuts off the left unit and adjusts the right unit for voice (so I can hear my wife telling me slow down).

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Oh that reminds me of my other favourite “program” – the long hold on any button mute function!


This may be an interesting exercise, but I would think a more useful approach would be to determine what, if any kinds of hearing problems you still have with your hearing aids set up as they are now currently. Then look at whatever the program options are on YOUR hearing aids and see if any of the options seem likely to solve whatever problems you’re having.

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I’ve got 4 x ComPilot automatic programs, then I’ve got my automatic everyday program and 1 x Roger program and that’s it.

Apologies for my ignorance, what are the 4 x compilot programs. I’m wearing phonak naida V70 and had them matched to my compilot II. Thanks.

It’s the streaming programs suitable for ComPilot use. I’ve got Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth calls, Roger + remote mic and audio jack. All ready for my ComPilot.