Different Brands

I was given two different brand aids and need to ask a question. Is it ok to use two different brands one Widex B12 and a ReSound Pulse PS60? I high a mild to moderate high frequency loss.

Usually, it is not OK to use different brands, when it comes to digital hearing aids, since their processing delay might be also different.

I’m using one Starkey Destiny CIC and one Rexton Insite CIC and they seem to work fine together. My Costco audiologist selected the new Insite to go with my existing Destiny. So I guess a good audiologist should pick the models, but it does seem possible. You may give up some features by mixing brands though. For example many brands have the feature where you set one to a different program and the other one automatically follows.

Yes and No. You need to have identical fitting formula to calculate gain both GN and Widex should have NAL NL1. Ideally you want to have identical or similar features. Imagine a car with 2 set of wheels, they need to be as close as possible for it to have balance…

I don’t think it’s good to use two different brands aids , every hearing aids fit different people , which one you should use ? you can go to the doctor for a advice .