Different between SPICE and SPICE PLUS?

Just wondering what the different is between SPICE and SPICE PLUS?

My Naidas say only S on the actual aids but the cardboard box that the case and aids came in said SPICE+ which I thought were different things.

Do Naida have a SPICE range and a SPICE PLUS range?

Have I got the latest chip with it saying S on the aids?

The Spice+ ( or Spice Plus) chips replaced the older Spice chips last fall when they were introduced.

IIRC, Phonak added and improved some features from the Spice chips and call them Spice+ I believe they then retired the Spice chips.

A branding change was introduced following improvements in the sound quality and automatic performance of instruments using the SPICE chip.

All SPICE instruments can be firmware upgraded to SPICE+ using Target 2.0 or greater to gain these improvements at no additional cost (with the possible exception of a private clinician’s fees for the appointment).

There is no physical difference between hearing aid models in the SPICE portfolio that have continued to exist under the SPICE+ portfolio. However, some new models were also launched under the SPICE+ moniker that are physically different.

To answer your question - yes. However you only know whether you have the latest firmware for your hearing aids after connection to the manufacturers software.