Differences between Genie 2 versions 2019.2 and 2020.1?

I am still on Genie 2 version 2019.2 and Genie Updater shows no updates found. Maybe 2020 is (Xceed and Oticon RemoteCare)? But I don’t know for sure.

The older version 2019.2 already has the Xceed models and it also has RemoteCare.


The Cable overview is different (2020-left, 2019-right). What the heck is Oticon Ruby?

The new Genie 2 2020.1 version seems to be for a new hearing aid model, the Oticon Ruby.


I just updated to 2020.1 today. My current firmware for my OPN 1 is 6.1.

I tried running the Open Oticon Firmware Updater software under this version but it looks like I need a wired programming device like the HiPro or miniPro to connect to my OPN 1 in order to see if there’s any firmware update version newer than 6.1 in Genie 2020.1 or not. Even though I do have a miniPro (and a HiPro as well), I’m too lazy to hook it up with the wires because I usually just use the wireless FittingLink to connect my OPN 1 to Genie 2.

So I thought I’d ask here if anybody knows whether there’s a newer firmware version than 6.1 for the OPN 1 on Genie 2 2020.1 or not?

I know there are newer firmwares for the OPN S versions, but as far as I know, it was still firmware 6.1 for original OPN (not the S) in Genie 2 2019.2. So I wonder if 2020.1 brings a newer firmware for the original OPN newer than 6.1 or not? Thanks!

Seems it would be good for you to find out having floor noise issues.
Might be worth pulling out the wired programmer.
Does Oticon Genie have a hearing aid trouble shooter? I know Phonak Target does.

You are good. The latest firmware update in Genie 2-2020.1 for Oticon Opn is 6.1,

Thanks PVC! Exactly what I’m hoping to hear so I don’t have to whip out my miniPro to confirm the same thing!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having a newer firmware update which means more bugs fixed and/or improvements. But I didn’t think there’d be any for the OPN 1 in 2020.1 since it’s been out for quite a while now. On the other hand, if I had the OPN S, I would really hope they’d have a newer firmware update in 2020.1 that would fix the various issues they have, especially the warbling issue that many had reported.

A couple of cautions;

  1. The firmware updates take a long time (25-minutes) so use-fresh-batteries. Old batteries may brick your hearing aids.
  2. Firmware updates are destructive. Your hearing aid settings will be destroyed and you need to reconnect to Genie 2 after the firmware update to restore your hearing aid settings. I am guessing that Genie 2 automatically saves your settings before the update, and then prompts you to reconnect so that the settings can be restored afterwards. But just to be on the safe side, I would not perform a firmware update as my very first self fitting adventure. I would save the hearing aid settings first as a precaution.