Difference in large/small tubes and difference on ear molds & domes

I get new aids next week from the VA. I have had marginal success with my old aids for normal speech although the doc says I got what I need. So, if offered the Nadia Q with the large diameter tube I need to know if it “hears” better than the small tube.

Also… if allowed would the Phonak standard molds be better than the domes for normal speech?

Thanks for your advice.

I would suggest getting a receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) device instead of a BTE with regular or slim tube. This will give you the best sound quality. The Audéo Q90 or Naida Q90 RIC, both with standard receiver, would be a good fit for your loss, assuming the audiogram values in your signature are still valid. As for domes versus molds, if the domes fit comfortably and you’re happy with them, then there’s no need for the molds.

You could go with open domes and they should be comfortable and no occlusion. I had the tulip style domes for as long as I could and I could not tell I had anything in my ears.

Aren’t air tubes for a different kind of hearing loss than yours? Also, aren’t RIC hearing aids with open domes best for your kind of hearing loss?

I had tulip domes in my old hearing aids so that they could be turned up louder without resulting in excessive feedback. Newer hearing aids, like the ones discussed above should not have to worry about feedback.

“… the doc says I got what I need.” Screw what you NEED, get what’s BEST for you. Especially if we tax payer’s get to pitch in and support you, a vet, to pay for them! You deserve it.

Thanks, by the way.

– My new hearing loss is a little more loss up to 1k a large drop at 2k and little more at higher freqs.
– Not too sure of the terms. I know RIC stands for “receiver in canal” but not sure what makes that different to whatever the others are? I’ve seen the sets referred to as receivers and until now thought the RIC is the tiny hearing aid that you put the whole thing inside your ear. Now I’m thinking it may be the tip where the sound actually comes out, but don’t all the tips go into the ear?

I currently have a BTE set with a small tube that ends up inside my ear with an open tulip on it (where it tickles). I started with ear molds with a very small hole for ambient sound. Since my sets didn’t boost the low end much and my VA doc said he didn’t have time to adjust anything I went to a commercial doc who looked at my test chart and made the little hole as large as he could. It was better but finally the weakened mold broke and the VA doc stuck tulips in place of the molds.

So which would give me the better speech sound. I stopped watching TV years ago because I couldn’t hear the mumbles and when I could hear they talked faster than my brain could understand. I like music but they stopped making music about 1975 so I listen to what I had blowing my brain out with large muffs. I miss talking to my family and friends because I can’t follow what they say.

– I told the doc the iCom doesn’t work and he is going to give me the new ComPilot.

Bottom line is I no longer care how they look if I can get the best for MY hearing. You guys must hear that a lot but it is so true.

If you have an ebook reader, get the book “My Hard of Hearing Life: Stories From Behind the Hearing Aids” by Cynthia Dixon. It explains what I’ve told my family for years in a way they grasped it - through the author’s experiences. Lack of hearing is not being too lazy to listen, it’s a real problem like lack of sight, except that while glasses can restore normal vision, hearing aids restore less than normal hearing.

I agree with OldLincoln, not hearing is a huge impairment to our lives. We are disconnected from those around us.

Early last year, I noticed (okay, my wife noticed) that my old hearing aids were not keeping up with my hearing loss. The kicker was my five y.o. grandson giving up on tring to tell me something, “Never mind Grampy” - ACK!!

I tried out two different pairs and selected one after about eight weeks of trials. I had not realized how far disconnected I had become to co-workers until the new aids became normal, especially my lunch friends. It was wonderful becoming involved in daily conversations again.

Then something with insurance went wrong and in January I had to give the new hearing aids back. With the old aids back in, everyone began slipping away from me quickly. It’s like becoming invisible, people become so used to you not responding that they don’t even notice you’re there. Mostly I just eat lunch at my desk now.

By the way, new Starkey Xino i110s are in my near future, a few weeks more. Just have to wait for the insurance thing to get straightened out.