Difference between Resound Linx 961 and 962

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Linx 3d 961 and 962?

Thanks. Just what I needed to know.

Specifically, the article cites “numerous problems related to streaming dropouts and oxygen starvation”. I’d already read about this before my purchase a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t clear exactly how the problems manifest themselves. Ultimately it wasn’t enough to convince me to get the 962 instead of 961. The 962 would take up more than an extra hair’s worth of real estate behind my ear.

Recent posts here have traced some streaming problems down to interference from other devices. No one has come forward to argue that devices with size 13 batteries would be less subject to interference. So those streaming problems, at least, apparently aren’t battery-related.

What exactly are “streaming dropouts”? I’ve occasionally had the clicking or ticking sound, that I thought might be dropouts. But is that what they’re talking about? Mine, if they are dropouts, are very short. Admittedly my electrical knowledge is dated and not that deep either. But I would think that if the batteries couldn’t sustain the required current draw, then the voltage would drop and I’d see a more pronounced hearing aid malfunction, like maybe a reboot. Are the aids smart enough to recognize an incipient drop, and prioritize power use for hearing vs. streaming? If so, wouldn’t the effect last longer than a small fraction of a second?

Maybe this really is an issue. But I wish there were more details available. How can I recognize if I’m suffering from problems caused by my aids being powered with 312 batteries?

The majority of aids here use 312. The voltage for all zinc oxide batteries are the same. I have used 312 for about 3 years and can’t say they can’t maintain current flow.

Apple seems the clicking source rather than batteries.

I’d like to know what streaming drop outs are too. I am trialing resound 619 and the Audi said she wants me to have the 629 but didn’t have it a ailable as a demo. So, I’m sitting outside chatting on my cell. The sounds from the called came in one ear only. Then it switched to the other ear. Then the sound went to both ears. And the cycle repeated. I am not sure what was wrong.

This sounds like one of the iOS problems that’s been widely reported. What iPhone and what version of iOS are you using?

I have an iPhone 6 Plus. iOS 11.4.1

I deleted text not pertinent. Kem103

The iOS problems are supposed to be fixed in 11.4.1, so I don’t know, sorry. Maybe someone with personal experience with the problems, and their symptoms, can help. I’m a new iPhone user who went directly to the iOS 12 beta, and I’ve never experienced the connection stability problems.

BTW, regarding the not-pertinent post you deleted: If the app is in demo mode then it isn’t talking to the aids. Go to the “More” menu at the lower right, and turn off the demo mode slider switch.

What are the enhanced “cosmetics” that the push button on the 961’s controls? Is it a non-functional doodad to enhance the looks of the HA? Or does it change the color of the housing as your hair turns gray or you decide to put on a blonde wig for the day? [/ s off] What does the 961 push button di (if anything)?

I think enhanced cosmetics just means the 961 is smaller and less visible. The buttons on my 961’s are set up to change volume with a short press (left button lowers volume, right button raises volume), and to change program with a long press (long press on either button changes both aids to the next program, or back to program 1 if already at program 4). They can be set up differently, but I don’t know what the other choices are.

I think it is the program button. Push it to change programs. X475aws Describes it best. I see that the button on the 62 model is referred to as multifunctional (volume and program). But I don’t know if it is a toggle, switch or presss action.

Thanks for the replies. In another thread someone also said the 961’s button does both volume level and program switching. Resound’s website provides brief, uninformative, colorfully sales oriented comments, but it is sparse on useful info so it leaves much to be desired.

Quoting another thread…”The Audi was ordering the 961 or 962: I assume the Lynx 3D 961 as I did ask about battery size and she said 312. I believe the 962’s have Volume Control, Telecoil, and Direct Audio Input (DAI). I did mention I did not like telecoil as it triggers an emphasis on speech frequencies which does not work for music listening with other than ceramic headphones.”
I am leaning to the 962 instead of the 961 for several reasons but the statement on the telecoil gives me pause. Can the 962 be purchased without the telecoil? The hearing aid comparison chart on hearing aid tracker showed it as part of the hearing aid.

I just had my second cup of coffee. Now I get it. The one button on the 961 enhances the cosmetics by making the hearing aid look better. Since I am concerned mainly with function that never occurred to me.

I didn’t ask to look at the HAs as I did not think about the fact that there would be different sizes. Above it is mentioned that the 961 and 962 are the same except one 962 is a hair thicker. I found a Resound data sheet comparing the two which has an overwhelming amount of info, except if it has the size that info was lost in the clutter.

A “hair” is not very thick. How much bigger are they?

Does the data sheet have pictures of the two? If so then you can see the 962 is bulkier. It isn’t just a matter of cosmetics, it also affects how much space is left behind your ears for eyeglasses.


The 61 model is about 22 x 10 x 5 mm (LWD) and the 62 model is about 24 x 14 x 6 mm.

Here’s a picture of the 61 and 62 models next to each other:

The telecoil is built into the 962 aids, but is not necessarily used. To use it, your audi would need to enable the telecoil program. You would then use the telecoil by selecting that program.

I have Linx2 962 aids but have not had the telecoil program activated, so I don’t use it.