Difference between Marvel with batteries and Marvel rechargeable

Any difference in weight or balance between the Phonak Marvel with batteries or rechargeable?

No real difference that you would possibly notice… I found the rechargeable a bit restrictive and perhaps too tying, I had a couple of bad experiences with the rechargeable whilst out in the sticks when they cut out on me and would not reboot/switch back on!!! I was very confident they would restart once I got them home and back into there charger unit, which they did, It happened twice in a month and both times it left me in a very vulnerable situation in charge of 4 quite challenging adults with little or no means to communicate with them had anything kicked off… So I switched to the battery ones and I feel a lot more at ease, they last around 5 days and I am no longer tied to a charger. Cheers Kev


The Rechargable are a couple Millimeters wider.
Battery life for me averaged 20 hrs with heavy phone usage (BT). I carried the portable charger and battery pack for charging away from home should I need it, which I never did.

Scroll to the 3rd page of this link for dimensions and weight. Note: Rechargeable will weigh more as battery is built in. Weights for battery models are sans batteries. You’d need to look up the weight of a 312 or 13 battery. https://www.phonakpro.com/content/dam/phonakpro/gc_hq/en/products_solutions/hearing_aid/audeo_marvel/documents/leaflet_btb_phonak_audeo_marvel_028-1905.pdf

I believe that the aid with the 312 battery is smaller than the rechargeable aid. I have the aid with the size 13 battery and it is a little bit larger. I trialed the marvels with the rechargeable option but purchased the aid with the 13 battery and I do not notice any difference in wearing the aid. I was connected to BT all the time with the rechargeable and after 13 hours of usage the battery was down to 35%. BT drains a lot of energy from the battery. I found that the battery last a lot longer if you disconnect the aid from BT when you don’t need it.

Based on MDB’s link and a 312 battery weight of 0.5 grams, the model with the rechargeable battery is 2.1 grams vs 1.6 grams for the one including the 312 battery, about 30% heavier.

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^^^^ This. Utterly illustrates why rechargeables are out of the question for me. I travel at least a couple times a year on long flights overseas. I have zero hearing without my aids. To have them discharge without any hope of recharging for several hours as I limp through U.S. Customs (or overseas Customs) would not be a good tradeoff for even 20 hours of charged aids.

In theory rechargeable aids may last for X-hours. In reality, I find that critical devices fail at the least optimal time - as if the joke’s on us. Murphy’s Law.

Funny aside - I was in to see my aud-guy about a replacement Marvel the other day. I no sooner sat down in his office when - out of the blue! - the size 13 battery on my working aid simply failed, kaput. No warning beep, nothing. Of course my audi would’ve had a spare battery for me, but that is why I always carry my own supply of batteries. We laughed about the timing of the indident, but in 45 seconds, I was back up and running.

Yes Bluejay, twas actually nothing to do with the rechargeable batteries not being changed, they were fully charged that morning… but twice they closed down completely for no apparent reason and both aids would not switch back on!!! Cheers Kev

I just received my rechargeable Marvals today and I was a bit worried about im them going dead. I plan to have another charger with me in the car so recharge should not be a problem. I’m retired so the also makes a difference. If they go dead the worst that can happen is I get a few hours of peace and quiet. Lol I hope these are a good fit for me. I am very impressed so far. We will see how the charger thing works.

Given my work and travel schedule I am probably the last person that should have a rechargeable HA. But I do and haven’t had any problems. A very short charge gives a few hours and 2 hours gives 100%… i get over 20 hours on a full charge

Kate and I both have had our M90-R’s close to a year. We chose rechargeable without even thinking about it simply because all of our other devices, phones, laptops, tablets, Kindles, etc. are all rechargeable and we didn’t want to have to mess with batteries. So far all is good. Neither one of us has ever run out of battery in a day’s use. Depending on how much music streaming I do, when I put mine in the charger when going to bed, I’ll have between 40 to 60% battery remaining. Marvels use the new Lithium Polymer batteries that have an extremely long life. Phonak claims 6 years of normal use for the Marvel. I’m sure we will have traded for the newest technology long before then.

kevels55, this is WAY late for you, but see if your aids need a software update. That fixed my Audeo B-Direct aids from shutting down spontaneously - and frequently! - when I was wearing them in 2018.

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Yes Bluejay, I got the software updated a few months back… I think there maybe another one impending at the moment, hopefully this will sort out some Bluetooth issues… the last update among other things was meant to sort connecting more than one device simultaneously but I believe it has occasionally made it worse and my marvel 90s 13s will drop connection randomly on my iPhone X tis most annoying!!! Cheers Kev :slight_smile: