Difference between "basic" and "music" in Resound Smart 3D app?

I received my first HA, a set of Resound Linx Quattro, a week ago.
Most of the time I’m 100% happy with them and the Resound Smart 3D app. I’m a retired musician/conductor/teacher, so music has always been extremely important to me. I actually contacted the audiologist because I “lost” birdsong on my right ear last summer and strummed steelstring guitars started sounding like nylonstrings on the same ear.
Now, with the HA, listening to music gives so much more pleasure than before. There is not much birdsong here in Norway in the winter, but steelstrings sounds fine in both ears now. Of course it is also MUCH easier to understand what people say, particularly in noisy environments.

Because of my music background the audiologist installed a “music” program on the Smart 3D app in addition to the “Basic” program.

Could someone please tell me what the difference between the two programs are?

To me it sounds as the Music prgram may not have the same noise filtering capabilities as the Basic program. Still, when listening to music, the Music program is what I end up using since the Basic program seems to make music kind of “pumping”. F.ex. when listening to vocal music, bass or drum beats may reduce the volume of the vocal when they sound.

I know there is also a Streaming program on the app, and for phonecalls it works very good, however for music, I’m not so happy. The sound is far to thin for me to really enjoy it. It seems I have to find a way of mixing streaming with direct listening through speakers or headphones. So far I’ve not succeeded, but I’ve not given up hope yet.

Sorry for a rather long post on a short subject. I am new to this excellent forum and have learned a lot reading older posts here. However, I was not able to find anything at all on this subject.
I do hope my english can be understood.



I believe that the music program just turns off most of the noise and loud sound filtering as well as feedback control, so I think your assumption is correct.

If you have open domes on your hearing aids, that is probably why the music sounds tinny. Most of the bass is leaking out of the holes in the domes. You can test this by plugging your ears with your fingers while streaming.

There is a setting your audiologist can make to boost bass when streaming. I think there are around 4 levels of boost, and it’s only effective when streaming, so it doesn’t affect normal usage.

Your English is excellent. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


Thanks a lot for your answer.
I do have open domes.
I’m looking forward to check out your suggestions.

I found out that when listening to music with headphones it works better when i instead of having my earhangers behind my ear, i tilt my head tomthe side, lay the hanger directly on the ear opening and then use the headphone to hold it all in place. This seems to sound better too when not streaming directly. It also seems to help a bit on the feedback issue when using the Music program.
One little warning — be careful when removing the headphones. Your HAs are not hanging and may fall out.

I have tested with the fingers in my ears. That was actually so much better than I ever dared to hope for! Ok, they doesn’t sound as detailed in the midrange as my Bose Quiet Comfort 25, but still sounds better in the treble are than only using Bose without the HAs - even with adjusted EQ! After some testing I find the added treble more important than the slightly reduced midrange details.
If I can find a way to easily close off my ear channels completely, this may end up as my preferred way of listening to music!
(I have a pair of closed domes but they doesn’t work very well. Probably not the correct size).