Did the Motorcycle Damage my Hearing Possibly?


I was at the gas station pumping gas, when all of a sudden this dude turns on his motorcycle and begins REVVING the hell out of it. I’ve been to loud concerts in the past and NOTHING in my life has ever bothered my ears as much as this. It was extremely loud. I do not understand how motorcycles can be built to get this loud. I was shrieking with pain and was so close to the moron (he was at the next pump over); it might have been 15 or 20 seconds worth of exposure. It was enough to try to get away and cover my ears although I was unsuccessful because it all happened so suddenly. The gas station has a hood over it which made the sound even louder. Now both of my ears feel extremely full and I feel horrible. Please tell me if I should go to the Dr. or if I’ll be okay. I have no idea what to do in this situation.

M, 220 lbs, 27, no smoking or alcohol, no medical conditions other than anxiety in the past, currently ears are feeling full and horrible, this happened around an hour ago.



My guess is that you are only experiencing some temporary discomfort. To avoid more anxiety and the possibility of a serious medical condition that requires a doctor stay away from the Hells Angels, the Pagans, the Outlaws, and the Bandidos.

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Loud motorcycles can hurt your hearing but not that quickly. I ride a scooter now but use the ride motorcycles and I have always disliked loud motorcycles. You can get enough hearing loss just from the wind noise on long rides. And I have always used ear plugs.
I got my hearing issues from my time in the service being around jets and loud equipment fans.

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Riding a motorcycle for long periods of time can be a problem, but just a few seconds exposure is highly unlikely to cause a permanent loss. If the exposure is repetitive it could become a problem. Firing a gun without hearing protection if repeated enough certainly can damage your hearing. The noise level is up in the 140 dB range for a loud gun though. I attribute my hearing loss to guns and probably to a lesser degree riding motorcycles.



Gun fire, loud motorcycles, babies crying, jive turkeys and police sirens is why I moved from Los Angles South Central. My hearing is shot.



I surely hope there’s discomfort only and not any permanent hearing loss. Is there anyway to determine it without the typical test an audiologist does? Once I went to get an audiology exam and was surprised because while taking it, there was so much noise outside of the booth that I was so distracted and couldn’t accurately hear the beeps from the headphones. Is there a high likelihood of anything permanent occurring from just 15-20 seconds of loud revving from this motorcycle? My ears still feel kind of strange today and it’s already been quite a few hours.



How long on average would you say that it would take to start feeling normal again? It’s a whole new day and I’m still feeling strange from it all. I feel as though it’s harder to hear stuff than before, but I don’t really trust myself because I do suffer from health anxiety. So, either it’s legit or I’m over-analyzing something that’s always been this way. Is there any legit way to determine whether or not my hearing was permanently damaged? I’m just so scared right now. And I hope that your hearing restores, I will keep you in my prayers.



How long would it take for a super loud motorcycle such as that one to rev before hearing loss/damage would be possible. It was so loud and so close by. My hearing doesn’t feel like it’s gone back to normal yet and it’s been an entire day. Should I still be worried or just give it more time? I kind of feel as though it should’ve returned to normal already. Is this something worth going to the Dr. over or should I just give it more time? As I told another poster, it may just be me over-analyzing things because I have quite a bit of health anxiety, but my ultimate fear is that it’s legit and I’m thinking it’s health anxiety and therefore ignoring it, only to have it become worse due to waiting too long to seek medical attention.



Its really hard to say and everyone is different. I would say if not better in another 12 to 24 hours then seek help



Everyone is different. Wait 48 hrs and see if your hearing returns. It’s unlikely an one time event of motorcycle noise 20 seconds will cost enough damage to your ears.

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Was it for 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 10?