Did the iPhone 7/7 Plus HA connectivity issues get resolved?

Hi All!

This is probably an ‘Old’ issue now (or at least that’s my hope!)

Did these connectivity issues with the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus get resolved satisfactorily or did they just smoulder on still causing issues across multiple HA manufacturers? I’m considering buying and iPhone to use with a pair of HAs (probably a pair of Oticon Opn 1) but before I buy a new iphone (currently an Android user with a Galaxy S6) is an iPhone 7 Plus a good bet in terms of connectivity?

I’d much appreciate any guidance on this (old) issue and how things stand now?



I have the 7 plus with the latest update and have no issues and to be honest I have never had any issues with it and I have had it for a year and a half

Thanks cvkemp!

As noted in the other thread - can you mention which HAs you are connecting to please?

It sounds like this was more likely a iOS version issue then rather than a hardware issue…


I have the Widex Evoke 440 and an iPhone X. The app has been absolutely flawless.

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I have Oticon OPN1s ITE half shells with full connectivity

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I know my Kirkland Signature 6 aids needed an update to support a newer iOS (10?).
Since they were updated, they have been flawless for iPhone connectivity with my iPhone 6.

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The article you linked to said there was going to be a firmware update. Please read before posting a link.

Hi prodigyplace,

I did read it thanks. Just because it says there will be a firmware update - doesn’t mean it got fixed… Even if/when/was an update.


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I have the iPhone 7 Plus and I have the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids. Works perfectly. Keep the phone in my pocket or golf bag and I can take calls (in both ears) using the HA microphones and stream music with excellent stereo fidelity. Apparently there are some reporting on this site who are having problems with the iPhone XS dropping the microphone with the Marvels but the iPhone 7 and 8 models no problems.

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Hi SaratogaLefty,

That’s really useful info! Thanks!
I’ll go ahead and buy myself an iPhone 7+ then :o))

Sorry, I misunderstood.
I thought you had the phone & aids and still had issues, since those phones are not sold new.
Thank you for your patience. :frowning: