Did I or anyone else choose to have hearing complications?


Just a quick long story short, I have no family that ever had related symptoms nor have complications as I was a baby born and growing up, I can list all of the doctors ive seen between the time i was in elementary school and still now which the school I attended had those vison and hearing test which informed my parents I have some hearing complications which I did see the people I needed to see but no hearing aid has ever been provided, As a 21 year old that always have and will grow up without assistance from personal or government persons and still is required to pay for the basic needs in life by itself is a challenge to do by yourself or with something always pulling you back down, How or where did I sign up to pay for a piece of equipment that is always said I need or will definitely make everyday life comfortable? Just to state, when i have someone sitting right next to me or infront of me, out of 10 words they say depending on those words, 60% of it I will understand, I’ve been in multiple times these past months just to check to see if I get accepted hearing aids and finally im accepted but with no financial help at all. This world is too greedy towards the people who doesn’t have much to give already.



I would ask how much and how often and how load did you have your music blasting in your ears. Why I am say this is that it is the most often reason for hearing loss in kids and young adults.
I lost my hearing due to my military service and being on the flight lines and flying in jet cargo planes, along with loud guns, and equipment.

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Welcome to adulthood in a capitalist society (assuming you’re in the US or “western” cultures).
I too had hearing issues from a younger age. I had those tube things a couple times. I listened to music with headphones way too loud for what’s good for me as a teen. I heard all of two unprotected gun shots many years apart. One of a shot gun and another a hand gun. Bad. I do have a number of relatives with hearing aids though.
Your last sentence is utterly true. Vote. Vote for candidates that understand that not everyone is comfy and rich. That have some compassion for their fellow citizens and want to affect change for those struggling day to day. I find it very sad that, generally speaking, younger people can’t be bothered to vote. If all the younger people voted they would overwhelm the older folks that WILL vote and make change happen. Until then…here we are.



But I will add something, that nothing in life is free. You have to work for what you get. I agree our so called medical industry is a total ripoff. But we as a country and world can’t survive if we continue with the ideal that taxing the working people to death is the way for the lazy to enjoy life.



First off. I respect and thank you for your service and second I had to turn my voulme up if I were to listen to music especially through head/ear phones, I was born with binary hearing lost which is worst now probably because of the music and the gun shooting but yes I do definitely already know we’re working to get everything we need, its just those who take advantage of some assistances and really never needed or at least anymore, Like I said I was finally accepted for a reliable pair of hearing aids and because of the issues, I may be only stuck with paying for one for 3 years and then finally be able to start paying for the other one. I honestly was just reading more and more about how unhelpful some states or insurances are with hearing loss patients and not giving them hearing aids so it reached a point I had to rant



If you have had your loss from birth then you should have been getting help so you could make it through school and if you are college age and going to college you should still be getting help to continue your education. We I all deal with the lack of money and health coverage. I have gone to school and paid my own way since I was 10 years old. I also gave most of my money to help my parents serve up to the point I got married. So I know what it means not to have a lot. But I kept a positive outlook and I never asked anyone to take pity on me and never asked for any handouts. Your life is in your hands and you will make of it what you put into it.

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@robeyconnor2015, If you have a Lions Club in your city, perhaps they can help. I believe they assist people with limited incomes in obtaining hearing aids. I also read that the Starkey company also has a hearing aid assistance program. Maybe you can look into these programs. Wishing you better hearing.



But is everyone receiving assistance lazy, and are they given enough to enjoy life, or just enough to survive?



I was raised to help the ones that couldn’t help themselves and the ones that were doing their best and needed help. But I was also raised to believe if you didn’t try to help yourself then you shouldn’t get any help. There are way too many in this country that want a free ride and they make it hard for the ones that are t ting but can’t make it and even harder on the ones unable to do for themselves.
I am a firm believer in there is no such thing as free.



I wrote this as a tribute for my best friend who passed on a few years back. What you said about keeping a positive outlook brought it to mind.

He stumbled, he tumbled and he bumped into walls.
But his spirit would not stay down.
He slipped and he tripped and sometimes he would fall.
But his spirit would not stay down.
They called him “retarded” or used other labels:
Like “special” or “challenged” or “differently abled”.
I just called him my friend. Yes, his gait was unstable.
But his spirit would not stay down.



I recognize that as a Candian I probably have a different cultural outlook than you, but I see this statement up here a fair bit too and it rings so empty to me. Do we have numbers to back this up? Do we have a count of how many people getting some form of government assistance are just “lazy” compared to how many are doing their very best with what they have to survive? Because I have never actually met anyone who is just footloose and fancy free, living on assistance and cackling to themselves as their cash their lazy checks. It’s a difficult thing for me to imagine. Even if I could accept that there are people who are like this, what are the actual proportions? If 90% of people using government assistance are struggling and 10% are these lazy folks, does that 10% mean that we shouldn’t help the 90%? Where does the balance tip?

I don’t know. It’s just hard for me to believe in these lazy people without evidence I suppose.



You live in what we call a socialist country, I live in a free capitalist country where the ideal is work for what you get. Ever since the 1960s and the welfare laws we have had people that believe they shouldn’t have to work for what they get. We have people getting a check each month and also food stamps that drive a new car every year. While the ones of us that work our butts off barely able to afford to put food on the table.
What if all of us that work and pay the taxes were to say the hell with it and just stop working this whole country would fall on its butt and that is what is starting to happen. If it was only one lazy person that wanted a free ride it would still be one too many. But we have whole areas and federal housing areas with 10s of thousands that refuse to work and the government sends them checks to set on their butts and either do nothing or sale drugs and still get their checks. That money belongs to the ones that pay the taxes and goes to work everyday.
I do believe in helping the ones that can’t help themselves or are trying but cannot completely make it but it rubs me the wrong way to see the ones that flat refuse to work but scream and cry because they don’t get more welfare money.
I am someone that has worked from 10 years old to help my parents and grandparents make a living and have no patience for any one that refuses to work when they are able to.



Do you actually know of these people who get a check each month that they didn’t earn, get food stamps and drive a new car each year, or have you just heard of them? I know of no welfare benefits that would supply enough income to accomplish that.



Yes I have a step son in law that did what ever it took to not work and get paid for it. He even brags about it. And over my 50 years of work I dealt with many that would either work long enough to get their unemployment then manage to get fired or laid off. I saw the ones that would fake accidents to get paid for not working or what ever it took to get paid for doing nothing.



Hmmm–that makes me wonder if we might be related. Your step son-in-law sounds suspiciously like my (late) brother. (Well, at least both we came from the same parents.) He stole identities and got benefits under multiple names in the bargain. He was in and out of prison most of his life for that and other things. He also worked a number of cons/scams on family members of people who had recently died. (Not everyone gets conned as a result of their own greed.) Seriously, when I first saw a picture of him in his casket, I thought he was trying to work some kind of life insurance fraud.

However, I also know many people who work very hard to be as productive as their disabilities will allow. My friend I mentioned earlier was one of them.

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