Device to clean & charge Phonak M90 hearing aids?

My 87y/o grandfather has a set of Phonak M90s, but his hands shake so bad that I have to come to clean them all the time. I am looking for something that could possibly automate this process and was hoping someone might be able to recommend a device/machine that he could put his hearing aids in every night and they would be cleaned and charged.

So far the best I have found is the PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System, but I don’t believe it actually charges them or if it is any good.

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Are his aids rechargeable? That makes the night time cleaning idea more difficult. Charging them takes 3 hours.

Yes they are rechargable

What is it about the aids you want cleaned? If moisture is the issue dryers with UV sanitizing are very nice.
I also have rechargeable aids. When I take a shower in the evening I put the aids in the dryer/UV sanitizer long enough to go through the UV cycle. Then charge them at night.

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Wax is the primary issue.

That always is a manual process to remove ear wax.

Most use a small brush that comes with the hearing aid, or perhaps a cloth. A hi tech approach is to use a JodiVac.

My Audi recommended not trying to use the tiny brush that comes with the aids, but to use a tooth brush in the morning when taking the aids out of the charger. That should more effectively remove dried ear wax.

The biggest issue is his hands shake so bad that all the normal manual methods that you take for granted are kind of a problem for him.

Ah, sorry I didn’t read more carefully. I think how I’d handle it if I were in your situation I’d try to just clean them when you visit. The biggest issue is usually the wax filters plugging up with wax. Does that happen often? I have no info on the cleaning system you mentioned.

Wax filters are a issue eventually, but he has acrylic ear tips so it tends to be general build up that’s the issue before the filter gets dirty.