Developments in cochlear hair cell research

Hmmmmmm. I wish!!
Not sure it would benefit me but I’m up for being a Guinea Pig if they need any more trialists.

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I heard about this maybe 20 years ago or more about birds being able to regenerate hair cells…how many more years?

By the way, 20 years ago, I read it would happen in 20 years…so basically by now, they should have had the cure.

@MagicalFairy There are at least two drugs in clinical trials right now. One of them has claimed that ‘multiple’ participants showed improvements in hearing thresholds and word recognition scores. Full details are to be provided at a major conference in September. It may be years before treatments are approved by the FDA, but if that’s what you heard 20 years ago it may be close to being on the money.

I think this falls under the heading of ‘Understanding How Things Work’. They always tack on the bit about how their research may eventually lead to cure. Well, yes. Anything that helps further our understanding will move us along the road to eventual treatment but I think that it’s irresponsible of the person who wrote the headline to say ‘could soon restore damaged hearing’.