Developed a weird problem in my aids today

On the way driving home today I received a text message. My Phone Clip sent the audio chime to the HA’s like normal. Not long after that I started hearing a real faint clicking noise in my left ear. Started looking around the car for the source of the noise, turn signal, change in the cup holder, etc. Did not find anything.

Then I realized I was only hearing it in my left ear. Cupped hand over the HA and the sound was unchanged. Rubbed my finger across the mics and no sound. Flipped open the battery door and closed it again. Clicking sound instantly came back. Hit the change program button and got a series of beeps that I have never heard before. Two short quick beeps, a pause, two more short quick beeps, repeated about 6 or 7 times. Then stopped. Never heard that beep pattern before. And the manual does not list a description for any beep patterns.

Checked my pocket remote. Right Ear showed standard volume control icon. Left ear showed an arrow forming a circle which is the Resound Unite Remote Controls symbol for “searching for ha”.

Turned off Phone Clip and power cycled the ha again. Still had clicking.

Turned off aid for about 2 minutes. Powered on again. Was operational again.

Trouble has repeated again a few times tonight. When receiving a text, or placing a call.

Last thing I did was replace the battery. Has not happened since that. But, have also not received a text or call since then either.

My HA’s are the Beltone True 17’s which are a spin off version of the ReSound Alera 9’s. Have the Unite Accessories.

Anyone else with ReSound Alera/Future/Beltone Trues ever have this problem? What about other brands? If so, did it require sending off to have it repaired?

Could it be that when you cycled power you accidentally held the button down? The beeps that you describe is the alert for “airplane mode” (i.e. wireless disabled), which also explains why the remote showed it was searching for (and not finding) the left instrument.

Looks like it was indeed the battery. Problem never returned in the left ear. I had put the battery back into my pack of new batteries. Just for a test the next day I put that battery into my right aid. As soon as I closed the battery door it started the Two Short repeating beeps. So that beep must be a battery warning chime of some kind. But it is not listed in the manual.

My Alera 9’s cut out in my left ear when I use the TV Streamer. I tried resetting the streamer, replacing the batteries and anything else I could think of and it still happens. My audiologist has no explanation, but I can’t be the only person in the world who has had this experience. It is annoying at the least. Any ideas?

Hi Kay,
I have purchased the TV streamer but am currently not using it. I found that with the HA’s I can actually hear the TV better than the wife can. We have to turn it up for her now, but no where near as loud as it was for me without the ha’s. And she can tell when I am not wearing them as the TV will be back to the old volume levels!

Since I am not using the streamer I have never experienced your problem. But I am a techy guy and just have some general thoughts.

If right ear is still streaming correctly, to me that tells me that the problem is with the left aid and not the TV streamer itself. My general thought is that the left aid is not receiving the signal from the streamer as well as the right aid. Since the right aid is working fine, then we assume that the radio signal coming from the streamer is ok. So this tells me that the problem is with the left ha receiving the signal.

There are no antennas on the ha’s to adjust. (No matter how much they look like it, the Sports Locks sticking out of your ears do not count as antennas. :smiley: ) Only way you can effect signal strength is to get closer, or farther, from the source. In this case the source is the TV streamer. So, if you get closer to the TV Streamer does the problem go away, or at least get better?

Do you have the Unite Phone Clip? Do you have the same cut outs with it?

Is your TV Streamer placed where it is close to other electrical devices that may be causing interference? Such as behind the TV or Cable Box, in a closed cabinet, etc. If so, can you move it temporarily and see if the problem improves?

Those are my thoughts. Look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks for your thoughts. I just got the streamer and remote a few weeks ago. Actually, when the problem first started I thought it was a battery issue, but then it didn’t stop with new batteries. I travel a lot for work, so when I knew I would be in town for a while I sent an e-mail to ReSound. They contacted me and my audiologist right away and arranged for the HA’s to be replaced (both of them). :slight_smile: It was suggested that it may be an internal antenna problem. They were replaced on Thursday of last week, worked fine with the streamer for two days and then the NEW left HA cut out again just like the previous aid had. :frowning: The streamer sits next to my TV in an open cabinet. Because of the necessary connections, it can’t be set too far from the TV. I sit no more than 10 feet away. If I leave the room, I still hear the streaming in my right ear as far as 20 feet away. It is just the left ear’s HA that is a problem. The right is perfect.

Ok, my next round of thoughts is that the Streamer must transmit a left and right channel band of sound. So it may be the Streamer after all as it is highly unlikely to get two aids with the exact same problem. Looks like you will need to contact ReSound again and ask for it to be exchanged next. Or since you just bought it, you may not need to go all the way to ReSound, talk to your Audiologist you bought it from first.

Thanks for the information. I have such a lack of technical knowledge, that your information will at least let me sound like I know what I’m talking about. :o

You are welcome, and good luck getting it fixed.