Determining value of hearing aids for eBay sale


I upgraded HAs and want to list my Resound Linx2 LS561 on eBay. Unfortunately, I have no idea what their value is or if their even worth selling. There’s been no sales on eBay for these, at least that I could find. If they’re worth under $300, I’d rather keep them as a backup.

Any idea what their value is or how I can find out?


Hearing aids don’t go for much on eBay. Better of keeping them as back up, especially if they are your only other pair of HAs you have.


Here’s a Tip;
and results;


There is one on there for $195.


Thanks! I searched ls561, probably the reason I didn’t come up with all the results. Maybe it’s me, but I think the listings that just say 61 are confusing. It could be 561, 761 or 961. Anyway, I did list them for $675 and am accepting offers in the auction.

Not to press my luck, but can someone comment on whether any of my description is inappropriate? …

Hi, you are looking at a pair of GN ReSound LiNX2 LS561 DRW RIE (Receiver-in-the-Ear) Hearing Aids. It is a standard range hearing aid. It follows and builds upon the hugely successful LiNX hearing aid range which were the world’s first ever made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids.They are just over 2 years old and in very good or excellent condition. In October 2018, they were sent to the manufacturer (ReSound) to be checked out before the warranty expired. They came back like new as per my audiologist. Original manuals included as well as extra filters and domes, see photo. Any questions, please ask.

These hearing aids should be reprogrammed for new user.