Demoing Phonak Audeo S (SMART) V thread

I have just had my HAs for a week and a half and am hearing many new sounds.

In my office I hear low level hiss - a constant ssssssssssssss, not an s s s s s s s s or a whoosh. If I select stereo zoom or zoom control it goes away. My audi told me that it was something my HAs were picking up in omnidirectional mode nto not unidirectional. I also hear at least one computer fan and external hard drive fan as separate noises, but it could be another fan I suppose. It might be the ventilation system. Rather than reduce the amplification of low levels frequencies I am going to try moving my computer.

Also on a porch at home in a certain location I hear a different hiss. There is nothing running on it. My audi suggested having someone with good hearing sit there and see if they can hear something and identify it.


I understand what your saying here and this was suggested by another poster, but the noise that I am experiencing is un-natural, meaning a non-hearing impaired person is not experiencing it under same sircumstances. although I have not ruled this out completely. after my last session with audi a week ago he was able to resolve this issue to a great extent. Still, when I am in close proximity to a large fan/motor I get the low but very annoying crackle/hiss (i.e., next to furnace when running, soda vending machine running, car fan on med/high). This only happens in the auto program at this point. I have an appoint with audi this afternoon and hope that he can further tune the HAs as before to minimize/elliminate this issue.

Another thing that I am psyched about is turning in my iCom/TVLink for a ComPilot/TVLink to demo. iCom was Ok, but the short battery life and the poor mic were deal breakers for me.

The only manual program that I have been using on a regular basis is the music one which has a lot of the environmental filters turned off (whislte block, etc.) and I love it. I can hear the highs so much better.

I’m coming up to about a month of trialing these and so far so good. Battery life is consistently 5 1/2 days. The only voice that I have had a very difficult time with is a young woman who likes to speak with out opening her mouth as much as possible (generational thing). I wish it was summer time as I am pretty active and woould like to wear them mt biking to make sure there an no issues, but not going biking in the winter to test out.

OK, I have turned in my iCom/TVLink for a ComPilot/TVLink and been using for the past couple days. so far here is my impression. The two issues I had with the iCom was the battery life and the mic. ComPilot is a win on both of these issues. I have not charged the ComPilot yet although today it is complaining that the battery is low. Still, huge improvement on battery life. I have asked others on other end of phone call how my voice quality was and I was told that it was a big improvement over the iCom. Also, it’s nice to be able to adjust the volume on the fly with the ComPilot.

Now, here are my issues. First, there is no lock for the buttons and anytime something bumps into my chest (i.e., my son - 4 yrs old) it switches programs. This is very annoying. Second, and something I liked about the iCom, is that you can’t hide the indicator lights on the ComPilot. Under a white t-shirt in dark setting you can see them. Draws unwanted attention in the movie theater (they think I’m strapped with a bomb |o|). My voice when making call on paired cell phone can sound a little strange as if there is a slight echo or sounds hollow (to me). In somewhat noisy environments I have had to move someplace that was quieter so that I could hear the caller. Guess I could have used the volume control to increase the volume but didn’t think of it at the time. Still, I would have thought that the callers voice would be more clear to me without having to fiddle with the volume control. And lastly, I was using the TVLink last night and after just 1/2 hr into movie during a rather loud scene (shooting and such) my left hearing aide stopped working. I was also getting some spotty audio cut outs and eventually quit using the TVLink and went back to my wireless headphones which work flawlessly.

Tested using the 3.5mm cable directly connected to the ComPilot to an audio source and quality was same as that of the iCom (poor). Probably would never use that anyway but just wanted to report on that option.

Other than that, had an adjustment last Thursday and have all but removed annoying sizzle/static when near a fan (in car, near refig, etc.). Audi actually got in my car with me with his laptop and was able to make an adjustment while I manipulated the fan setting. He had also called Phonak to get suggestion as to what to try which I thought was cool.

P.S. the issue I reported at the end of my very first post in this thread about the short loud high pitched feedback sound has not occurred in weeks :slight_smile:

Were you able to get more information regarding the adjustments that your Audi did in the car?

He said that he reduced gian on the softest frequencies and also maxed out the knee point whatever the heck that means. This has reduced the occurance of the annoying sizzle/static/crackling I hear when I am near something with a fan but has greatly reduced it. Last night I noticed the occurance when I was sitting next to a dehumidifier that was active. In those situations, if I change to my manual program, stereo zoom I think, it goes away.

some of the racket you hear is legitimate when I got my first aids (sebotec) the first thing I said when I got home was that I could hear the refrigerator making a lot of noise. The wife said welcome to my world I have been telling you that it was ready to die at any minute for a year.

I also made the mistake of telling my wife she is speaking too loud to me …:eek:

I got an earful … :cool:

I purchased a pair yesterday after trying them out for a month. My audiologist took into account all my complaints about things that bugged me and tweaked the levels, and now I’m very happy with them. The annoying buzzing/whirring sound in my left ear is mostly gone, impact sounds aren’t nearly so loud, and music really sounds like music (I noticed that a grand piano sounded more like a tinny, wavering player piano). He added a music setting, which makes music a joy to listen to again. Hooray!

I disagree, as these are not my first pair of HAs. Although the Audi has been able to reduce the frequency of occurrence, I still get the annoying hiss/static when near equipment such as large fans (blowers) such as HVAC, dehumidifier, etc. I can hear the sound of the fan/equipment, but also get the annoying static along with it. The only thing that receives me of the static is by switching to the manual program, stereo zoom. I notice that the music program is most susceptible to this. Still trying to get it ironed out with Audi as I have another appoint next thurs.

so, exactly what do you disagree with?

you orig post said “whirring sound noise” didn’t mention annoying static around electrical equip or that you were a seasoned veteran HA wearer.

I am not trying to be argumentative, but I am trying to be accurate in my description of my experience. I disagree with what I think it is you said, or implied that I am hearing natural occurring sounds that I had not heard in the past. The sound I am perceiving is in addition to the natural sound, which is not natural and cannot be heard by a person with normal, average hearing.

I have found that patients who are wearing Phonak hearing aids with sound recover frequently have an accompanying “static” sound in the presence of electrical or mechanical noise. I don’t know if it’s an actual function of the sound recover or if it’s the brains interpretation of the new sound due to the way that sound recover treats various noises.

I have a fan/heater in my room at work. I would say 75% of my patients, upon turning on their new hearing aids, will ask “What’s that static noise?”. When I turn the fan off, the static goes away. They report that they hear similar noises when using their computer or when in the kitchen and their fridge kicks on among some other situations. It almost always goes away when they turn their hearing aid to a directional mode.

More often than not, they don’t hear it nearly as much by the 2nd and 3rd appointment, but sometimes the noise persists and we have to switch to a different product because they can’t adjust to it. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

the Nadias (pre-spice) I trialed would pick-up static… I listen to AM radio and there has always been a certain spot in town when you down by would drive the radio crazy with static. The Nadias would also freak out…

Just had another appointment with my Audi yesterday and so far so good. Aside from the issues stated above regarding the ComPilot/TVLink, the aides are working well. I just hope they add a lock to the ComPilot as it is super annoying to have it change programs everytime it is bumped. Also have to remember that when I am in a noisy environment like a large meeting or restaurant to use the stereo zoom and bump up the volume a few clicks. Never had the feature before so just getting used to. End of trial period coming up pretty soon.

Well, yesterday was my last day of trialing and I decided to keep them as well as the ComPilot. I was told that the ComPilot may be getting a lock out which would be great. Even if not, it is worth it as I need the ability to change programs and adjust the volume at times. Insurance covered $3M, and I paid balance through my Health Flex Account. HA’s were $1,850 per and the ComPilot another $300.