Demoing Phonak Audeo S (SMART) V thread


I thought I would use this thread to provide my experience with demoing the above HA to keep things all in one spot.

I have been wearing HAs for 4 years. My last pair were ReSound Pulse (I think). They were BTE and worked OK, although the right one quit working after 3 1/2 years. I’m seeing the same audiologist that fit me with the ReSounds as is now fitting the Phonaks.

My hearing loss is mostly in the uper frequencies, and I find it very hard to impossible to understand what is being said from tv, even with the old HAs. The Phonaks are better at this although I still have to use my headphones if I want to comprehend all of the conversation on TV. I also suffer from tinnitus.

I have had the new HAs for almost a week and am using the manual programm mode as opposed to the manula volume control. I have three programs in addition to the Auto. Prog 1 - mics focused forward; 2 - left mic off, right mic on; and 3 - music.

The same day I received them I had to go back for an ajustment as I was getting an annoying static (low) in all progs except for 2. Now I get that same static in auto, but not in 1 or 3 with the exception of when I am close to a fan (i.e., in can with fan on). Currently I use Prog 1 almost all the time.

I am also demoing the iCom and TVLink. I’ve not tried the TVLink yet, but have been using the iCom paired with my cell phone, which works very well. I have tried connecting the iCom via 3.5 mm cable to computer to stream music, but this was a fail. I didn’t want to be tethered to the iCom while doing this but would lose the signal if I set the iCom down next to me instead of having it around my neck. Even with it around my neck the sound quality was poor, and I went back to just using a cheap pair of headphones. I’m also going to try using the same setup with an MP3 but don’t figure the source will change the outcome all that much when using the audio cable but I’ll try it anyway.

Aside from the issues stated above, the only other issue I have is that a few times a day, I get a short loud high pitched feedback sound. I can’t seem to attribute it to any particular thing at this point.


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Yesterday had to replace batteries. They lasted 5 days.

Hooked up the TVLink last night via the RCA cable. Very happy with the quality of the sound. However, I have a home theater 5.1 and don’t like the thought of having to use my tv link instead of the HT to watch/listen to content on a frequent basis. For one thing, unless you have the HAs in volume adj mode, you can’t adjust the vol unless you get up and do it from the base station. I already have wireless headphones for when I want to listen without disturbing anyone else in the house. I am hoping that I will be able to ge these HAs adj so that I will not need the TVLink to be able to comprehend dialogue from the HT w/o the need for the TVLink but we’ll see how that goes.


Some thing you might want to consider is a product I’ve been useing for a year now. It is sold by Amazon and probably others. It is called the Aerielle i2i wireless audio streamer. Two very small devises are included (1"x2"x3/4"). One hooks to the output from your TV and the other one plugs into your ICOM. They only weigh a couple of ounces. The other TV watcher can listen to the TV at their own volume while the HA user can adjust the volume coming into their HA using the streamer. Works great for me and gives me the flexibility to walk around the room and hear the TV.

Here is the web site if you are interested

Thanks carnutfl,

I will take a look at that if I choose to keep the iCom.


visited audiologist this a.m. and he adjusted my HAs. No more low continuous crunch noise in the automatic (sound flow) mode around fans :slight_smile: He reduced the gain a little and made a few other adjustments. Also, turned off sound recover on my Music program.

I’m still getting adjusted with my new aids (Naida) and I have notice a similar crunching noise when I’m in the soundflow setting and in an environment with a lot of background noise (ventilation fan). I originally thought I was simply hearing my hair against the microphone, but now I’m not so sure. I notice on your other post you also described it as the sound of rice crispy, which is very similar. The thing is, it seems to come & go at times. Did you have a similar experience?

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I have had the OP’s HA since Feb. My first. When I first got them routine background noise sounded like best described as a noisy electric clock. Audi made some minor adjustments - but didn’t change much. In less than a month my brain got used to hearing sounds I hadn’t heard for years and, I guess, “learned” to filter out weird noises. I adjusted fairly rapidly and was adjusted to full power in about 4 months.

Well, its been a few more days since I had my last adjustment by my Audi and so far the HAs are improved immensely. However, the iCom has been a bit of a disappointment. My biggest issue is the battery life. Even if I throw it on the charger the night before, if I watch TV for a few hrs (i.e., movie, sports game, the battery either dies, or will do so later in the day if being used to stream a call from my cell phone. I know there is a work around by purchasing a seperate long-life battery and charger, but I don’t need more things to plug in/keep charged/keep track of. Also, because I also use the TVLink, I have to have the base station near the TV (behind) which is already getting cluttered and not easily accessible.

The iCom seemed like it would be nice in car for hands free but often I get call and have to fumble to pull iCom out from under jacket/shirt. I have also been told that the sound quality from the mic is not very good on the receiving end. mabey just a lot of road noise. I notice that when my sister is using her blue tooth hands free unit which is built into her car, the sound quality is poor. I just don’t think the iCom and TVLink are going to work out for me. I already have wireless headphones for TV watching and don’t receive many calls via cell phone while driving to justify the unit considering its shortcomings. iCom needs a longer life battery but then I bet that would make it a lot heavier around the neck.

Maybe you are right, I try to do it by myself.

two things you can do with the Icom and TVLink , first, get an audio cable long enough to move the TVLink next to you to change volume and second, buy a second charger for the Icom and plug it in while you are using it and you won’t have to worry about the battery running out.

I just got the ComPilot yesterday as when I got my HAs last week the ComPilot was out of stock. The audi charged it up for me. I got it at 9 am - the battery lasted till at least 9 pm when I turned it off.

Is the Aerielle i2i wireless audio streamer bluetooth. I can’t tell.

Is the sound delayed versus what you hear from the source speakers?

I had a Sony HWS BTA2W bluetooth transmitter/receiver already (as I like techy gadgets). It paired easily with my ComPilot. I only tied it briefly but there is a delay so lips on the TV are not in sync with the sound. I think I have become an unconscious partial lip reader so I am not sure if this is going to be a good solution for me.

I used to use wireless headphones and will have to try them again once I find them (I have too much crap). The problem will be getting the headphones to fit on the BTE HAs instead of my ears so the HA mics pick up the sound from them.

I did some further research. The Aerielle i2i Wireless Digital Audio Device is not bluetooth but rather it’s wireless 2.4ghz

The latency is advertised as under 20ms. The Sony HWS BTA2W doe snot advertise it’s latency but someone measured it as being about 1 second.

So I ordered the Aurielles and will give them a try.

My audi made a series of adjustments and has successfully removed the noise for the most part. sometimes if I am very close to a large fan (i.e., near the furnace when running) I can hear it, but at a much reduced volume. I now leave my HAs on the auto program almost all the time, where that was impossible before with the constant crackle.

I’m coming up on my third week and getting used to the new noises as well. All in all liking the new HAs.

Thanks. Both ideas are good ones and would solve my issues but I think I am going to trial the ComPilot to see if that would be more suitable for my needs first.

Using the iCom with the TVLink, I did not experience any audio delay. I’m hoping the ComPilot and TVLink will also behave similar to the iCom/TVLink in this regard, but with the added benefit of the longer battery life and better mic.

I use Sennheiser RS120 Wireless RF headphones and find they work perfect. these are over the ear and are very comfortable fit over my HAs.

[quote=barkeater;72629]My audi made a series of adjustments and has successfully removed the noise for the most part. sometimes if I am very close to a large fan (i.e., near the furnace when running) I can hear it, but at a much reduced volume. I now leave my HAs on the auto program almost all the time, where that was impossible before with the constant crackle.

Thanks Barkeater… When you stated “near the furnace”, I have the same exact symptoms. I’m convince that I do need more adjustments and it can be corrected. Do you have any more details on what your audiologist adjusted?

I have Sennheiser RS120 Wireless RF headphones but hadn’t used them for years. I have RF130’s too somewhere but can’t find them at the moment. (I have been cleaning my cellar this week and hope to find a lot of neat stuff I had forgotten about.)

Anyway I charged them up and you are correct they fit over my BTEs very well and are comfortable and the sound is great.

I guess I didn’t need the Aerielles but I just got a notice that they shipped and will be here tomorrow.

So this prompted me to try some of my wired headphones. My Sennheiser HD202s trigger the phone program even if I put my HAs in manual music mode. Bummer. Instruments are not good, although the singer’s voice is good

However my Grado SR80s don’t trigger the phone telecoil - very strange, but good.

I gotta go back and check the RF130s to see if they will stay in a manual program or uncontrollably switch to phone mode- I know the voices sounded good but I didn’t play any music.

Thanks Barkeater… When you stated “near the furnace”, I have the same exact symptoms. I’m convince that I do need more adjustments and it can be corrected. Do you have any more details on what your audiologist adjusted?

I have another appoint with him in a couple weeks. I’ll ask him then and get back to you. By the way, if I am standing next to pop vending machine which also has motor/compressor/fan I will get that sound. As soon as I walk away it goes away.

I don’t understand why one would want to not hear new sounds. i got my HAs so I could hear sounds I could not hear before. Some sounds may be annoying but that’s life. It seems to me that the solution would be to quiet the source, not block the sound.

So I got my Aerielles i2i’s. I must first say following the Peter principle the guy who designed the hole thru which the lanyard fits must now be the president of the company.

Fortunately the Aerielles must have been designed and made before he took over as they work very well, although I only tried them for about 5 minutes and only for speech. Whatever lag there was, was unnoticeable by me.

I am not impressed with their cable choices. There are two lengths. I wish one was even shorter than it is. But it doesn’t matter as it has a 2.5 plug on one end and a 3.5 on the other, so it is not useable with my ComPilot. Probably the same guy who designed the lanyard hole, decided on the mismatched plug size choice. Fortunately the ComPilot comes with a cable with 3.5 plugs on both ends although it is very long and has to be coiled may times to be used when the i2i and the ComPilot dangle around one’s neck

This prompted me to try my Logitech Free Pulse bluetooth headphones. They also did not seem to lag. And they definitely gave more bass although muddled.

So the lag I had with the Sony HWS BAT2W transmitter must just be a bad design or implementation. Perhaps Sony did not think about the ill effects of lag as it does not matter listening to music or the radio.

I’m currently trying out a pair of Phonaks (Audéo SMART V). I have mild hearing loss in my right ear, moderate in my left. With the aids in, my right ear is perfect; no intrusive background noise at all. I wouldn’t change a thing with the right hearing aid. But the aid in my left ear is (or, at least, was) constantly picking up a whirring sound noise. I’m due back with the audiologist next week, so I was planning to ask him if he can tweak it.

But strangely enough, when I wore them yesterday, the background noise seemed to be significantly reduced, and the left one sounded quite good. I wonder if I just had it in improperly before? I will see if that improvement continues today and report back.

This is an odd question, but when the audiologist was giving me the aids, he said that “Big Brother is watching,” meaning that he would be monitoring my use of the aids. Is that something he can do concurrently, as I’m wearing them, or will he have to wait till I return the aids to assess their performance? If he can monitor them remotely, might he be able to tweak them remotely, as well? That was the only other solution I could think of, other than that I wasn’t wearing the left one properly before.