Demo of Epoq v, then VigoPro next Tuesday

just returned a Delta 6000 after trying it for a 2 weeks.
It was week in picking up conversation when there was loud background noise, although my Audi said a tweak in gain might have helped. Never the less,
Now i just picked up a Epoq v and notice sounds our move lively.
I will not be using BT, but since it was there to try until the Vigopro arrives on Tuesday, why not try it.

I will be in noisy environments starting on Sunday, Monday so it will be interesting to see how the Epoq v handles this while holding a conversation.
It certainly does not have all the bells and whistles of the XW, but then again im not paying an arm and a leg.
I will update this thread given my experience with the devices, and by know means am I an authority on Hearing Aids. I will just share what i experience.


what price was the delta 6000 vs the Epoq V?

Very nice…please tell us if there is a big difference between the Epoq and
I also do not need the bells and whistles but would like to experience the latest chipset.

Xbulder…Delta 6000 was 2,200.00 and the Epoq v is 2,400.
I know you did not ask, but the Vigopro is 2,000.00
Sure, cheaper online, but I want to support my local purveyors in my community plus my Audi is very very attentive
to hear clients.

After wearing the Epoq v for 10 hrs, I need to go in for an adjustment.
While it makes sounds more lively, if I cup my hand over my ear, I get a shrill and at times certain highs sound like tin in a chamber…a bit echo and very bright. I am guessing that the gain might need to tweaked down. I will post
what was done after my appointment tomorrow. The Audi instructed me not to mess with the volume controls so she could get a good set of data log info off the unit.

You’ve got it…just check back on this thread.

Umm, I believe every hearing aid will whistle, provide feedback or be distorted if you cup your hands over your ear. Why would you do that? What are you testing?

Well, thats not true given my limited experience. Both the Delta 4000 and 6000 did not whistle when I cupped my ear…it was something the audiologist did when I stated a Starky product produced such an effect.

So, thats why I believe the gain is cranked up to high, because she did boost it based on some feedback I provided her.

ask her to run the feedback manager first…

Yes, she plans on doing so, which is why she asked that I not mess with the volume button. I will see her this afternoon and post later.

regardless of the manf. this is the first thing to do

ok, so I arrive to have my Epoq v I am demoing adjusted and my audi greets me with a smile and says guess what came in today and I am willing to let you try it…the Vigo Pro.
I tell her, no question…lets get it programed, tweak it a bit and send me off.
I was in a conference environment today with the Epoq v and it was not doing a good job at cutting out ambient noise and focusing in on the voice/person I was talking to. I could literally tell when the noise cancellation was activating and deactivating by changes in the mid-tone ranges. I was not overly impressed.
Anyhow, the VigoPro device fits behind my ear a bit better than the Epoq v, so I like already.
The sound is very natural…very spacial, but not artificial or anything like that…just sounds very very good. It blows the doors off the Delta 6000 I had tried for 2 weeks.
Music sounds far better through the Vigo Pro than it did with the Epoq v…I dont know why, but all i can tell you is that it does. All setting are the same for the Vigo Pro as they were for the Epoq v, so I dont know what to tell you. I am not an expert in these matters, but can only convey what my ear hears.
Wind noise…Car window down, the Epoq v didnt really handle that well, It just cut its NR in and out.
Wind noise with the car window down and the Vigopro provided different results. The wind actually deminished, while I was still able to hear through all the other ranges.
Sunday I will be at a concert with classical, jazz and rock being played. i cant wait to see how the VigoPro performs. Monday I am at a seminar, so that should pose its own set of opportunities. I will continue to post on the VigoPro, but I will not be going back to revisit and try the Epoq v. I just did not have a good experience with it.

I tried the Delta 6000 a while back and was not especially impressed either. I went to a play at my son’s high school and had to remove them they were so loud.

In reply to an earlier comment, I believe most HA will give a little feedback if you cup your hand over your ear, at least that’s been my experience. The HA I tried that had the absolute least amount of feedback was from America Hears.

After almost 3 years I have yet to purchase. I just tried a Phonak microEleva in an audie’s office recently and they were nice, but to expensive IMO ($4,600). I may give Vigo a try.

What I dislike about buying HA’s is the whole process, particularly the 30 day trial. The better fitters IMO will give 60 days with no fee to return the HA. Also, the fitter that will have a better chance of getting my business will have Care Credit or some other option that will provide 12 - 18 months same as cash. That seems to be a no brainer as far as a good business practice.

Ok…so I was at a Cultural Art Performance Concert today…with Classical, Jazz, Vocal, Computer music being showcased. I figured it would also show me how the VigoPro works with the various music in a concert hall.

Performed flawlessly…music was crisp, clear, lows, mids and highs all present when musicians were playing. NR kicked in when the family behind me starting clapping, but still allowed for frontal pickup of sounds.
I am very impressed with this unit thus far, and I have not played with the volume button…yet ! I have a full week and a half to demo it and try something else or order my own Vigopro via the Audi in my choice of color.

I will post more as the week evolves and I am in different business environments.

Thanks so much for reporting back. When I tired my Oticons so many years
ago I had a similar experience…no way was I returning the ones that sounded better.

I’ll definitely put the Vigo Pro on my list of aids to consider. I hope by the
time I’m ready my dispenser has fitted some of them.

I hope its in my fitting range… previously I was recommended the Syncro and Tego Pro :frowning:

I can send you some spec sheets if it will help you ascertain what you need to know/look for.
Pm me your email and I would be happy to share. Someone shared this with me regarding the VigoPro, and it was something I did not find on the Oticon website.

I would assume that if you were ok for Syncro and Tego Pro, Vigo Pro would also be appropriate. The fitting ranges are similar, depending on which model you go with (ITE vs. BTE, etc.)