Deluxe Phonak Charger/Drier/Sterilizer

I see that there is an upgraded Phonak charger, the Charge and Care, which “dries hearing aids with active ventilated air flow and treats hearing aids with UV light.”

The only one I see online is at Amazon for $194.

Update: Since Costco sells Phonak-branded aids, maybe they sell that charger too, and for a lot less money.

I purchased one from my audiologist, $150

Boy that seems like a lot of money. Maybe you can get something with those features but not specifically made by phonak

After spending thousands for the aids $150 to keep them well maintained seems a pittance.

I agree but there are products out there for a lot less money. Dry and store for one although I don’t think it charges. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get something something. Just trying to be helpful. Not confrontational

The point of this one is to recharge and dry, be easy to use, and not damage the rechargeable battery. I’d prefer that over taking a chance on an aftermarket dryer.

And the Dry and Store Dryboost for rechargeable hearing aids is large, clunky, and $115 on Amazon. Not worth saving $35, even though it is serious Starbucks money.

Sorry I tried to help

And I didn’t mean to offend. Apologies if I did.

I’m wondering if this new charger will accept the power adapter I have with my current Phonak charger?
I would be interested in purchasing this new charger if so. I went to Phonak and read through the manual, but it did not mention the power adapter. I need that in case of travel/and or power outages in Florida.
Amazon sells it but not mention of the power adapter on that sight either.
I contacted my Audi and she is looking into the cost for me. If it’s $150 and accepts the power adapter I will buy it.

The charge and care is not compatible with the power pack.

I can see the logic of that: the additional features of the deluxe unit would drain the power pack more quickly, and how would the air-circulation feature work with the whole thing stuffed into a pocket or purse? If I buy one, I’ll keep it at home for charging the aids overnight, and carry the original more-basic one and the power pack with me.

I’m very interested to hear if others have purchased this new case yet. I have been considering a better cleaning/drying routine to help deal with some issues I’m having with ear canal irritation… and as mentioned above I think it might be better to get one designed specifically for my HAs rather than a 3rd party solution now that one is available.

Getting this one would also “free up” my existing case to use in other scenarios. Since I got my Phonaks during the pandemic I’ve used the “normal” case plugged-in (no power pack) as my main charger and have the mini case in my backpack in case it’s needed, since I carry a battery for charging my phone and headphones that would let me charge my HAs if needed, too. But getting a third (ha!) case along with a Power Pack would let me use the new one for regular cleaning/drying, the standard one with the power pack in a second location in case I want to take them out while feeling lazy, and still keep the mini case in my bag… a few times I’ve tried keeping the mini case by my bedside but then forgot to put it back in my bag, which left me without it on a day trip.

Having three cases seems a bit silly but then again, compared to the cost of the HAs (which I hope to still use for at least 4 more years… fingers crossed…) it’s not a big investment.

Also, if anyone has reports of a list price in their local country (especially Canada for my own selfish sake!) it would be much appreciated. I’m seeing grey-market prices of about $200 CAD including shipping but I’ll be seeing my audiologist in mid-November… so if it’s about that much then I’ll wait.

I see two brand-new ones on eBay for US$149.99, both with free 3-day shipping, and one pre-owned for US$89.99 (or best offer) + US$9.99 shipping.

I suspect you are looking at the same eBay listing that I was obliquely referencing (it shows me $185 CAD plus $16 shipping to Canada, or $149.99 USD).

In case this is useful to others, I have found lately that clicking the “heart” on an eBay listing to “watch” it will result in seasoned sellers offering you at least a token discount valid for 24/48 hours relatively quickly. So much so that I suspect eBay has added this as an automated feature for sellers.

When I first started using hearing aids itchy ear canals were a problem. From advice here on the forum I bought a Dry & Store hearing aid dryer with the UV light sanitizer. This solution fixed up the itchy/irritated ear canals almost 100%. For those few other times I used a little rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip to wipe around the ear canal.

The combination of these two things eliminated all ear canal issues for me.

Good luck


I purchased mine on Amazon (ships from & sold by OtoMedix), and it (surprisingly!) included the (new) OEM charger and USB-C to Micro-USB cable, since the listing stated “Case Only”.
Very happy with the purchase, and the price was right too at $135.00, incl. Free Shipping!

I’ve been quoted $150 CAD from my clinic and should be getting it next week. Apparently it was in their ordering system but didn’t have a price yet… they had to call for the price and let me know. Seems like a fair price to me.

Does anyone know whether this works with the Kirkland KS10.0T? Are the charging contacts in the same position as those on the Phonak aids?

I believe so, but someone could correct me if I a mistaken.