Delta Revision

Hi there,

Xbulder has mentioned that the Delta is due for a revision in the next few months. My audio asked Oticon here in Australia about it and they assured her that there was no new unit coming out (not that I believe product reps, mind you).

Does anyone have more details about this? A spec sheet, media release? Anything?


Danny in Sydney.

I asked my Audi the same question here in the U.S., and she had not heard of such a pending upgrade. You would think coming off the heals of the HA Convention they would be plugged into all that is on the not to distant horizon from the manufacturers.

dear chris and danny:

lets seem, Oticon like Phonak and Sonic Inv. is a public company
they generally hold periodic conference calls or public annoucements,
this is the source

you see, they dont really like to discuss before the instrument has been released as they dont want people to wait for the new revision to come out…

but this is the statement from the CEO, so chances are it will happen …

They will probably release the nearcom, I had heard, they will share
this technology with starkey (you open the near com and insert the starkey chip)… trust me it will happen