Delta 6000 vs pulse vs audeo


i was diagnosed with mild-moderate high frequency hearing loss and i am considering buying hearing aids.

i have a few questions about oticon delta 6000, gn resound pulse and phonak audeo

i live in australia and it’ll cost around AU$6500 for oticon delta 6000 (including test, fitting etc).

  1. for gn resound pulse and phonak audeo, are they in the same price range with delta 6000, or higher/lower?

  2. as for technology, which one has the best technology, oticon 6000, gn resound pulse or phonak audeo?

  3. which one use the battery that last longer? (i heard delta’s battery isn’t so good?)

  4. is the open-fit REALLY different from CIC, in terms of being discreet and comfortable? i’m worried about the wire for open-fit, will they be visible?

thank you…really appreciate your answers, as i don’t have anyone to ask :slight_smile: