Dehumidifier and loss of power/volume

I use an Oticon Opn 1 ITE for my right ear. Every night when I sleep, I place it in the Zephyr by Dry & Store dehumidifier, changing the replacement every two months as indicated by the manufacturer and turning it on to use the heat system. I have noticed that when using the heat system, turning on my HA the next day, it sounds farther and with less power. as the morning goes by, the preset power and volume is restored. When I don’t turn on the heat system, I don’t have that problem. Does anyone know why that happens? Any suggestions? I want to continue using the dehumidifier for proper maintenance of my HA. Thanks!

Do you have a way to see what the inside temperature of the dryer is when heated?

I’ve just had to change my Dry and Store as my old one was 13 years old and would cause the same issues. The startup tune I could barely hear but I could if I turned off my HAs during the day and back on again.

I use the Perfectly Dry Lux with my KS8s every night (and sometimes during the day if I have done “sweaty” activities). The only thing that bothers me is that when turning them back on, I need to pair them again. I don’t normally use the channel 1 that they come up in when 1st turned on.

so do you think it was getting too hot?

This would be the first thread I’ve seen about dryers causing problems. I recently had a thread going asking just that…

In the morning when I remove my HA, the inner surface of the dehumidifier feels warm. Maybe there is the problem, it somehow affects the microphone… :confused:

Using an infrared temperature gun my Professional Dry & Store warms to 101 or 102 degrees F last time I looked. Just barely warm to the touch. Kind of nice going into the ears in the morning.

I have used a Zephyr for two years now, never noted any issues with my OPN1s. I have never noted any heat inside the box. I just turned it on for 20 minutes, no heat noted.

1AM check. Fan running, not heat noted. 9AM check Fan was off, no heat noted.

I have a Dry & Store Professional, that I have had for 20 years now.
Never noted any heat from inside. I have the blue light for killing the bacteria and the
fans that kick in. I store my aids at night and any time they are not in my ears. :slight_smile: