Defeat Electrical Corona Noise

Hello - I would be very interested to learn of HA adjustments or other solutions to reducing electrical interference noise from power line corona discharge. Where I live, the rainy season brings so much noise as to make my HAs not worth wearing. During the dry season the interference only occurs when I am hiking near extremely high voltage lines. I have browsed around this forum (which I think is the best), but did not find any information on corona interference. My HAs are Phonak Audeo V, M and P. Thank you! Jim

I had to go find what you were talking about. I found this. I would say it’s a sound that we’ve created out there in the wilds of our environment. I would welcome being able to know I could hear it. (I can in this case)
My first joke reply was going to be …Move? :slight_smile:

Interesting that you have that issue. My last home had high tension lines at the back of the lot. While there I wore, Seimens, then 2 different Oticon aids, and never notices the interference. And yes it is interference. Anytime I was in my garden in the far back yard I was under the lines, and my daily walks took me under the lines. I will be interested to see what others say.

Only half-kidding but you could always wear the proverbial tin foil hat (designed to negate alien thought control). But seriously, there is the Ear Gear concept (mini-socks worn over HA’s to shield them from dust, dirt, a modest amount of rain drops, wind noise). What you really want is “Ear Gear” in the form of a Faraday cage. It should let sound through but shield you from EMF. OTH, it might prevent the HA’s from communicating with each other and interfere with streaming from your phone, etc. But if you’re using Phonak and Autosense takes care of any adjustments and you never have to fiddle with HA control per the usual Phonak user declaration, you might be able to get by with a mini-Faraday cage over each HA. The other more expensive option would be to turn your whole house into a Faraday cage! :slightly_smiling_face: Neurophysiologists to make very sensitive recordings from single neurons typically put their whole rig inside a Faraday cage since any outside EMF will screw their readings.

Faraday cage - Wikipedia

Tin foil hat - Wikipedia

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I’ve noticed that if my telecoil is enabled that I can hear power lines in walls and such. Telecoil is baseband (not modulated or encoded) so it picks up all kind of nonsense. It’s actually kind of entertaining walking around with it turned on. Suggestion: disable telecoil.


I walk for exercise near and under one of the biggest swath of power lines in northern VA — and walk feet from a massive substation — and have never heard anything that I would link to being near a gazillion volts.

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What hearing aids do you have? You’ve mentioned 3 x different hearing aids here.

You mentioned Audeo V which is Venture that came out in 2015, Audeo M which is Marvel that came out of in 2018 and Audeo P which is Paradise that came out in 2020.

I have ridden trails for miles underneath high voltage transmission lines in an open vehicle, and while it played havoc with CB transmission, radio reception, and sometimes cell transmission, it never once induced anything in my aids, including my modern Widex Beyond 440.

I use the V90s (2016) most of the time and add a ComPilot Air II for my daily hikes. I use the M90s (2018) when working around the property as they have about a 90 meter Bluetooth range. The P90s (2021) were purchased in hopes that the Phonak app and the Paradise interface would work and I could move on - don’t know yet. Jim

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@jim5: Can you please describe the sound in more detail?
Is it crackling, hissing, or more of a hum?
Does it interfere also when streaming or only when the mics are in use.
Do normal hearing people hear the same sound without aids?

Hi - not sure they are normal people, but yes the noise is audible to people without hearing aids. However, it is much more transient to them and constant to me. It is a crackling noise to me, but more of high-pitched hiss to them. The interference is through the mics. Jim

Agree that telecoil would be my first thought. Only thing I’ve had that was similar was some kind of interference from motion sensors for lighting.

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Do you have the telecoil and motion sensor disabled? That might reduce the electrical noise you are hearing.

Never sure who people are responding to with this system. My experience was with old KS7 hearing aids. I believe telecoil was enabled but there were no motion sensors.

For OP, no telecoil and no motion sensors. Jim

It seems for me unlikely that the interference is received from the telecoil anyway. The T-coil is by design made to receive magnetic fields. These would more likely be heard as a hum. The HA would also have to be switched to telecoil so that the signal is further processed by the HA.
So, if it is interference, it would have to be sparking caused by discharge.

But, just to rule that out: Does the noise sound pretty much like what is shown in the video? Therefore, could it be that the HA is reproducing exactly what would be heard by the normal ear?

Yes, that is the sound, just much louder through the HAs. The Phonak HAs reproduce it correctly. I cannot hear it without my HAs. I was hoping for an adjustment (independent of loud noise) that would reduce it or filter it out. I appreciate the responses. Jim

I do remember getting too close to fluorescent light ballasts and setting off the T Coil in a set of aids. Scared me at the time. Took a few seconds to realize what was happening. After that it was interesting.

Yes that has happened to me too. Many years ago, l visited my relatives house and never saw so many kitchen lights that were all fluorescent bulbs. They told me that their small TV remote near kitchen will not work. I recalled an article in Popular Science magazine that having too many fluorescent bulbs will interfere with tv remote control device.

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Most tv remotes use infra-red. A few do use radio. Garage remotes are radio.
I would equate the buzzing of a fluorescent light to the subject line too.