Deep learning hearing aids

Any of you on the other side of the pond know about this professor in Ohio State University? Is he collaborating with Starkey? This seems like tech that all 6 of the major HA manufacturers should be getting their hands on.

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To me it looks like a guy building a pocket size hearing aid for Gram. Deep learning is a current buzz word. Maybe he will come up with something. Who knows what result it comes up with. It’s an experiment from the heart. Not sure why Starkey is mentioned,

It also sounds somewhat like every press release for a company’s new line of aids.

I think this type of research has promise. I’m thinking it would need more processing power than can be put in hearing aids currently. With connectivity, there’s always the possibility of doing the processing remotely, but then there’s the issue of delay. Still, I think this holds promise.

I mentioned Starkey because I thought it was mentioned somewhere else in-conjunction with this story.

Seems very short of any real detail.

I recall reading something similar. He is well published, here is a partial list:

Too simple I Ducked his name along with Starkey and got this:

It would be interesting to know the hardware used. The HA industry only mentions processing in the broadest/simplest terms. But, it must be an order of magnitude less than phones. Most deep learning systems use kilowatts of power.

Thanks for this HalfEar. The paper looked a bit scary !

May AI(artificial intelligence) to learn new algorithm from environment but it will take sure time to come up commercially. May be 2020_2022

This looks intriguing, especially if deep learning can be applied to loved ones where frequent communications occur and optimizations are made to improve the auditory clarity of those specific voices