Deep fitting custom fit - need help from users and pros

I have asked my professional for custom molds and I would like to stay with a closed fit but I can’t stand the occlusion. Am I right in asking for a deep fit that reaches the bony portion of the canal, in order to eliminate occlusion?

The pro is reluctant to do molds at all and is especially uncomfortable doing a deep fit.

Is it reasonable to expect deep fitting molds to reduce or eliminate occlusion? Does it require more skill to do a deep impression? Are there risks?


I got the custom molds. I do NOT know if they are the closed fit that you are asking about. My NEW, repeat NEW provider took a mold of my ears.

MY HEARING INCREASED BY 100-200% over the “cones.” I have the Phonak Cros. (Right side about 90 % gone. Left ear does the work.) GET THE CUSTOM MOLDS.

I was having to rely on the Com Pilot/remote mic option UNTIL I got the custom molds.

I now take all my business to the provider that did the custom molds for me. The Original provider was worthless! Worthless!! IMHO All they wanted to do is sell me more/different products.

Getting the custom molds for me, helped give me back normalcy in my life. THEY ARE A GAME CHANGER!

Thanks, JMH!

I do like custom molds but I was trying to get along with the double-domes and then the click sleeves. If I go with a closed click sleeve on the right (my worse ear) and a vented click-sleeve on my left, I don’t have occlusion, but the sound when streaming has some distortion on the left. If I put my finger in my ear the distortion stops, so I don’t think it is just about me hearing things I haven’t heard in a while. It seems to have something to do with the fit. If I could solve the distortion with the vented click sleeve I could just go with those.

But like you say, in the long run I will probably be better off to have custom molds. I just want to end the occlusion with a closed fit, or end the distortion with a vented fit on the left.

Molds can come vented. They also provide a set of plugs to limit it further that the user can install/remove/play with.

Hi Ken. I’ve had Select-a-vent molds before and had good luck with them but with these KS8, there is a distortion if they are vented. If I have vented sleeves and put my fingers in my ears, the distortion ends. So my preference would be to have closed molds, but fit them deep so I don’t have occlusion, if that is possible.

I’m putting Gorilla Glue in one vent of the vented click sleeve, to see if it makes the sound better but still not occluded. Just have to wait an hour now for it to dry. The vented click sleeve has two vents, so this will be half as vented.

This is the difference between my old one (clear) and my new one (purple glitter). Sound is so much better. Can’t speak for occlusion tho as never experienced it.

OK, the Gorilla Glue did stop up one of the two vents. Not occluded but there is still some distortion. If I put my finger in my left ear (right is a closed click sleeve) the sound is better and not distorted.

So, how to have a closed fit that doesn’t have occlusion? Or, how to have a vented fit with KS8 (Signia Pure Nx 312) that doesn’t have distortion?

Often occlusion seems a temporary thing. I think it can be just the difference in sound that one then gets use to. I’m sure there is serious occlusion too but less than we might guess.

I have a similar hearing loss an for 50 yrs. I use deep flexible molds and have little need for vents. I use DIY earmolds from . I am able to solve these problems by using small Domes with their silicone putty and get comfort retention and great hearing that I control at $5 each.

I think the hearing loss on my right is just past the threshold for feeling occlusion, but I feel it on the left. My voice is so loud I can’t hear what anyone else says, if we step on each other during a conversation. It’s normal to step on each other but with me, it is like using a radio, over.

This is a real step down in performance. Does anyone know if you ever get used to that, and by that I mean, do you overcome it so you can have a normal conversation?

Can anyone comment on having a mold that fits deep enough to cover the bony portion of the canal? Will that solve it?