Deciding between Signia Insio Nx IIC and Phonak Virto B-Titanium

Hello all,
I’m trying to make a decision between Signia NX and Phonak IICs.
Here’s my audiogram.

R : 35-45-40-40-40-35-45-65-55-70-75
L : 40-45-50-50-50-50-50-60-75-80

I’m looking at Signia NX Insio
or Virto B titanium from Phonak.

Would these work for me with my hearing loss?
Furthermore, a lot of audiologist do not recommend IIC at all and are trying to push me for RIC.
Invisible hearing aids are important for me.
What would be the reason not to get IICs over RIC?

Thanks alot ahead! :slight_smile:

I have less of a loss than you, but told my audi at the first visit that it is IIC or nothing. I have been wearing oticon opn1 iic for almost a year and they are great. Given that they are suitable for your loss, to me, the main compromises are:

  1. no connectivity
  2. no A/B testing of programs
  3. due to IICs having only a single mic per aid and the aids not being binaural (at least for oticon), RICs will perform better in certain environments

I was fully aware and ready to give up on connectivity, but the lack of multiple programs was a real issue resulting in more visits at the audi and making tiny changes each time.

On the Pro side:

  1. no issues with wind
  2. less issues with domes/sleeves - (you’ll get the exact vent you need etc.)
  3. no issues with glasses/hair touching microphones
  4. No one knows you have hearing aids
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Thanks for the reply!

If I recall Signia Nx Insios are actually wireless but no streaming and there is a possibility for phone calls with TwinPhone.
You can control the settings through an app on your phone by Signia TouchControl.
And it says on their site that it’s binaural wireless connectivity with ultra HD e2e technology.

Could you clarify A/B testing? :slight_smile:

A/B testing: the ability to have two or more programs with different settings enabling you to switch between them when not in your audis’ office. Then you can take notes as to what works where and reach great fitting results quicker

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I have Oticon OPN1 ITE hearing aids I have connectivity and I have multiple programs. But I only use the default program as I have found it is all I need. I have streaming of calls to my aids from my iPhone, and I have the TV connect. My hearing is just about the same as yours.

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I think the Signias have 6 programs to switch on their TouchControl App.
Did you ever look into the Signia Nx IICs?
Seems some of the feature you are missing on your OPN are indeed included into the Signia IICs.

Cheers :slight_smile: