Deciding between oticon and resound

Need some help. Just came back from the ear doctor and told me I had mild hearing loss. Have been noticing a problem for quite some time but only checked it out recently. I’m only 29 years old and work in NYC and was looking for something discreet. My doctor showed me the oticon delta which seemed small but honestly wanted something smaller if possible. They mentioned they would be getting the resound “the dot” which is new but smaller and from what she said someone tried it and it was just as good as oticon. Not sure since this is all new to me and would appreciate some help.


Hi ravman

I think you’ll find that most of the newest mini BTE hearing aids are pretty similar in size (give or take a few hundredths of an inch), and will be virtually invisible. If you’re particularly concerned with being discrete, just wear your hair a little longer on the sides (really, just a little longer is all it takes). The new thin tubes or wires that run down into your ear canal are so small that they blend right in with your hair or sideburns. I’ve actually had people that know I’m wearing hearing aids say “Wow, I still can’t see them.” I had to move my ear out of the way and show them. Whoever you’re working with for hearing aids should have a sample aid you can put on to see how it looks. Pick a color that closely matches your hair color, and they are literally invisible. Really. The important part is how well they work. Pick something your hearing aid fitter has lots of experience with (VERY important), and you’ll be happy with the results. Keep in mind that you won’t get your hearing back exactly like it was before the loss, but you’ll find you stop having to say What? Huh? and Sorry I didn’t hear you. :slight_smile: Oh yeah - if I had to choose between a Delta and a Dot, I’d try both and see which one works better. You should get a trial period to try them out, before you buy. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


I both dispense Oticon and GN, the delta and the Dot are totally different products. Assuming we compare the top delta with the top Dot this are the differences…

The dot was just released not long ago -january. It is based on Gn’s concept of natural directionality. It is basically a new concept based on research in that one instrument is fixed -Omi directional (monitor Ear) and the other instrument is set at full directional ear (Focus Ear). As a result of such
setting clients are more aware of sounds that are coming from behind…

Oticon delta is based on Artificial intelligence, meaning the instrument decide if what setting it should used based on what provides the best signal to noise ratio (thus, maximize speech understanding)… Oticon also has a propietary formula call voice align compression or clarity. GN uses standart NAL, Modified DSL or the Audiogram +.

If you get the basic delta and the basic dot, in Oticon there is an adaptation manager which is set manually where by the instrument is set at a low gain
and as weeks goes the audi changes the setting so that maximum speech understanding is acheive.

IF you get both instrument, the top of the line this is done automatically.
it is fair to say that if you get a dot it would be have more features
since it is a newer instruments… Both are great… I would follow your audi
recomendation… I like both fitting software

If Phonak Audeo is an option, they are small and have a cool look. Here’s a link:

I just got mine a week ago. When the audi pulled it out it was smaller than I thought it would be.

I concur on the comment that people can look right at the tube running into your ear and still not see it unless they get really close and are looking for it.