Decent article from Consumer Reports on tinnitus




Interesting article. I remember when my tinnitus first became continuous, it really got to me for maybe a month. But then, I got used to it,sort of. Most of the time, it is a high pitched hiss, but at times, becomes a tone well within my audible range. This doesn’t usually last too long. I have had it since my late twenties, so I don’t think about it that much anymore.

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I only have tinnitus when I think about it. Thanks for reminding me ;-)!

More seriously, I would say it has been reduced by simply wearing standard hearing aids. Background noise is now elevated and I think the mind has other things to think about and does not have to entertain itself by playing self created tones.

We have had ongoing problems with our natural gas meter squeaking. It is outside the house, but the sound gets conducted through the natural gas pipe into the house. I thought the meter had fixed itself, but now with HA’s I know the squeak is live and well. The house is not nearly as quiet as I thought it was. Bottom line is that I now seldom think about or “hear” tinnitus when I have the HA’s in, and they have no tinnitus masking.

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I thought about that when I posted that I would likely remind everybody about their tinnitus!