Dealing with Clerks


As a salesperson (or clerk) in a retail environment I ask that you do not just resort to online shopping. Two main reasons for this… 1- You should have the freedom to look at/try out/try on the things you want to purchase and browse freely, and 2- many associates truly enjoy helping people find what they need and would be out of work if everyone just went to Amazon. My family relies on me to make a paycheck and I can not do that if people buy everything online :disappointed_relieved: Already many of the ‘millennial’ crowd mostly buys online to avoid human interaction. Brick and mortar stores are something that I want to keep around, I like seeing most things before I buy them and there is no way I can buy pants or shoes without trying them on!

I have never had a problem letting a store associate know that I’m HOH, and ask them to repeat themselves. On the other end of it, as a salesperson I try to accommodate everyone and make their experience as easy and pleasant as possible so if a customer has hearing problems I take care to enunciate and face them. I even have many Deaf customers come back to see me because I make an effort to communicate well with them.

I do have an issue with drive-through speakers, though, so will always go into the fast food restaurant instead of the window so I can see the person speak.



I find fast-food ordering to be a nightmare. I still use the drive through but I usually have to ask the person to speak more slowly. Certain restaurants are acoustic nightmares, like Wing Stop and Chipotle, for instance. I tell clerks I don’t hear very well and to speak more slowly.

My pet peeve is teenagers operating drive-through ordering who slur the words to a sentence together as fast as they can in some kind of degenerate stylistic speech (because they say the same thing so many times). I get tired of asking them to speak more slowly (forget big words like “enunciate” or “distinctly” with teenagers) but I suppose they get tired of saying the same thing over and over again so I guess we’re even.