'Deaf Friendly' Smartphone in the UK?

Is there anyone in the UK that has found a deaf friendly smartphone?

I know Blackberry Bold is good as it has a t coil in it and also the vibration can be made really long and the volume for ringertone etc is really good.

Just wondering if there are any others?

I know USA is way ahead in the smartphones being accessible for deaf people.

Why not get the iCom, and then you can choose pretty much any mobile that you like? :smiley:

I have an iPhone 3GS paired with the Oticon bluetooth streamer and it is fantastic. The sound quality is amazing. Also, if someone calls me then the phone immediately pairs with my hearing aids, so I never miss calls these days (used to have problems hearing the phone ring, even with the loudest, most obnoxious ringtone!).

In an emergency, I can just about get away with using the iPhone without the streamer, but only if the volume is on maximum, there is a clear speaker/line and no background noise.

Interesting that the Blackberry has a T-coil fitted though, would love to try that out. Most mobiles give me really bad interference when my aids are on the T setting.

If you want to try the Blackberry. The pervious models before the bold 9780, the magnet was not strong enough so it was not any good the t coil. Then they made the t coil magnet stronger on the bold 9780 and I found it really good considering I am profoundly deaf.
People were complaining that the magnet was too strong so the models after the bold 9780 are weaker and I couldn’t hear it. I tried the torch 9800 and that was no good.

You can have a look on iPhone 4S, Blackberry9900 , Samsung Nexus S. These are some phones which are deaf friendly.