Day2 with Unitron Shine Moda II

Went to the audiologist and picked up some relatively inexpensive hearing aids on Friday. Wow. I can hear high frequencies again. So there are some things I know I have to get used to. I thought I had been shot when someone wadded up some paper behind me at the office on Friday. But my father who has been wearing aids for 25 years said that will tone down. I can hear my kids again, and right now I can hear them playing in my back yard. That is very cool.

I am concerned about not having volume and some other bells and whistles though. Last night we did a fund raiser for a kids cancer charity and 70 firefighters shaved their heads. Firefighters are very prolific breaders and the room was full of kids and people having a good time. I had to pull out my aids because of volume. But when I did use them I could actually understand conversation in the room. So it was great, I could understand people, but then the volume hurt at times.

I am not sure what to do. I could move on up to something a little higher end. But is it worth it. Or my audi said he could put me in some Phonaks with Core technology, but the sound isnt as good, but more bells and whistles. He has some Audeo Yes V’s in Core he can give me a great price on. But he did say he has had some reliability problems with some Audeos Yes before.

What do you folks think? My audi says my hearing loss is so cookie cutter easy to fix he hates to see me spend a bunch of money, but I go from quite office to loud party, so maybe I need to spend some money.

The Shine is a rather good product for its market segment…

Give it a bit more time and a couple of retunes if needed before spending any more money.

In time you will get used to the volume level of your HA. However, a volume control does come in handy in certain situations: loud settings, around loud equipment, etc. so you might want to consider a HA with volume control. Does the Unitron Shine have the capability to have a volume control with a remote or their version of a streamer? If it does you might consider getting one. It only took me a few weeks to get used to the increased volume with my HA and after adjustments things sounded different for only about 4 days, then it sounded normal again. I wouldn’t say you have a cookie bite loss, but rather a HF one. Good luck!

I think he meant cookie cutter as in routine, not cookie bite as in high and low end loss.

Unitron (the maker of the Shine) makes some higher mid to high range aids that can be adjusted in various situations.

Unitron’s Moxi and Quantum series can be adjusted for multiple situations with just one click of a remote. Additionally the volume can be adjusted.

I don’t know if it’s any better than the others mentioned. I just got a pair of Moxi 20s a few days ago and so far so good. I have to go back to the audi for an adjustment on Monday and get the programs in the remote tweaked.