David Pogue CBS News Article on the Elderly, Hearing Aid Industry, and Impact Over-The-Counter Law Will Have


Pretty good news article by David Pogue, former NY Times tech columnist who went to Yahoo!, now apparently working for CBS. Covers all the bases and an excellent intro to what’s going down with hearing aids in a general way relative to the 2020 Over-The-Counter law and how it may help drive the industry to lower prices. Quotes the average price of hearing aids in the U.S. as $4,700, 2/3 of which being for packaged services.

[Hearing aids: You ain't heard nothing yet - CBS News](David Pogue CBS News Article on Hearing Aid Industry and OTC Law Impact)

Don’t know if I want to wait 'til AUGUST, 2020 and beyond to see what happens as I doubt my insurance will cover OTC devices whereas I will get $1,000 per ear for a medically certified device. Just waiting for MFA to come to market for all the major brands seems long enough to wait (not going to Apple!) - and hoping that will be well before August, 2020!


I saw that too. It’s all kinda old news to us here. He also mentioned Big 6 which has become Big 5 recently.
But I agree…for those unknowing I thought it was quite informative.


Yep! That’s why I picked the “Scholarly Articles, News, and Other Resources” as the categorization for the article. If the point of the forum/Hearing Tracker site is to be in part a resource of well-done articles that could introduce the newbies to the hearing aid industry and what hearing aids are all about, I think it’s an excellent article even though it’s not the latest breaking news. Pogue has always been pretty good at getting down to the nitty-gritty in a way that everyone, even the non-techie, can understand and the article is well-illustrated with video and great in the way it begins and ends from the perspective of his aged father. If my mother were still alive, a person who resisted hearing aids all her life, even when she could barely hear the rest of her family, I’d have her read the article, watch the video, and hope it would do some good (probably not!). That’s the audience the article is really directed at and the people for whom I posted the article. I didn’t think the long-time HA wearers on this forum were going to get much use out of it and hope the forum is more than a place for “lifers” to shoot the breeze.


Thanks for sharing Jim!


Very much appreciate the article.

I’m read the DIY section here and with the help of the folks there I now buy used HA’s and self program with the manufacturer’s software and Ebay bought cables and interfaces.

Anything to avoid this average $4700 fee.