David Gibson/Jen Air Valid? Administrator

Attn Administrator: David/Jen, I must say your advocacy of a commercial on line sales outfit is to my mind suspect. You two (or the same guy) have suddenly started posting (both at the same time)…yet you have given no personal details in your profile.

If you are legitimate I apologize…If you are selling hearing aids please refrain from using these forums…they are for hoh people that need help. Ed

Sorry Ed, Apology accepted. Not in the hearing aid business. Like most of the folks that are on this forum. Just an excited new customer with a new toy and a real sense of success and freedom. I am real techi though. Have been all my life. Have done my research and am happy to finally be smart about something that should not cost as much as it does.

Maybe if I was ranting and raving about my new Starkey or Oticons or Seimens, that would be OK?

If I’ve said something that offends you let me know. Otherwise…


I believe the spirit of the forum is that people tend to find information
of all available choices from All the manufactures. Not just American Hears,
As a consumer you need to know what are your options…

This is perhaps ed concern…

Never mentioned America Hears and I this isn’t my first rodeo with hearing aids. Nuff said.

Oh well, looks like another site is on the verge of collapse.