DANG, Lost one of my hearing aids!

As the title says, I lost one of my hearing aids!!

A couple of days ago I did a lot of running around. When driving the Unite Phone Clip picks up too much road noise and people complain that they can not hear me. So if I have to talk while driving I tend to remove the hearing aids and use a corded headset.

I did this on that day and put the hearing aids on the console. When I got to my destination I got out and left them on the console. Later that day when I went to go look for them, I could only find one. I have torn my truck apart looking for it. Pulled out all of the napkins and dried up french fries from under the seats. Could not find it. Thinking it fell out when I got out. Looked around the parking lot where I was parked and could not find it. We have had lots of high wind and the landscape crew comes by several times a week to get rid of leaves so it may have been blown away.

I thought I was lucky in that Beltone gave me a Loss and Damage Replacement Warranty. Did not read the fine print enough, there is a $500 deductible for the replacement. I am betting that just about covers the entire wholesale cost of the hearing aid!! Guess it could be worse and I would have to pay the entire retail price for the replacement.

So, anyone have similar stories to share? How do you safely store your hearing aids when not at home? If you use the ReSound Unite Accessories, how do you handle phone calls while driving?

$500!! Wow…that’s high.

I’d wait a week or two…HA’s have a weird way of turning up when you least expect it. I refuse to replace “lost” HA’s for 2 weeks because, no joke, 99% of the time the patient will call with a “you’ll never guess what I found” phone call.

If you still haven’t found it in 2 weeks, then look at replacing it.

I said a couple of days, but it has actually been a week today since I lost them. So, I have a week to go!! With the holidays being so close, it will most likely be after New Years before I get the replacement anyway.

How much would you think a deductible should be for a high end digital hearing aid? I have the Beltone True 17, which is the same as the ReSound Alera 9.

The deductible in my office for a lost HA is $250, regardless of the tech level because the manufacturer charges the same amount for replacements no matter what the tech level is. You’ve already paid for the original device which included the servicing…I basically just pass on what the company charges me…I don’t see the point in charging extra to cover adjustments or anything like that…

My office is the same - $250 for each aid lost.

But trust me, if you have a high end aid, that $500 does not begin to cover what your audi pays for the aids…

And I agree with Ms. Doc Audio - it certainly is tough if you cant wait it out, they do have a way of turning up. Undoubtedly right after your replacement comes in :wink:


Check if the personal property section of your homeowners (HO) insurance is “all risk” otherwise known as special form although insurers may use their own terms, such as “deluxe contents” coverage, etc. The standard HO coverage (known as a form 3) is all risk for the house, but unfortunately for personal property it is only broad named perils which usually does not include mysterious disappearance, although it does cover loss by theft.

What you need to look for in your policy is something like: “we insure all risks of direct physical loss or damage for personal property except as excluded.” if it says: “we insure for direct physical loss of personal property due to the following perils except as excluded,” then you just have named perils. You can look at the list of named perils, but I doubt mysterious disappearance is one of them.

if you have all risk, then you need to check you deductible level.

YMMV, but I wouldn’t file a $500 claim on homeowners insurance. You’ll just tick 'em off. Even if you have a $250 deductible and collect $250, they will more than get even by raising your rates for several years or possibly even dropping you. Of course, that could prompt you to find cheaper homeowners insurance anyway, but it might be hard to get a better deal if you get dropped. This happened to a buddy of mine. He filed two claims like this, one for a stolen bicycle out of the garage, the other I don’t even remember, and it proved to be a mistake. Save the homeowners insurance for the rare major hit and self-insure the $500 claims.

I would also not recommend filing for just the $500 deductible portion of of the HA loss/damage/breakdown warranty. But if the cost to replace the HA is $2,800 and your deductible is only $100 or "250 then it makes sense to file a claim for the entire HA replacement unless you are located in wind/coastal flood or high theft/vandalism zones for which insurers are just looking for excuses to non-renew you. You may have to balance the potential loss settlement after deductible with the potential loss of future loss free credit if any. If you have an independent agent, discuss it with them for their recommendation and coverage interpretation. They can also advise as to any state restrictions on the insurer’s ability to cancel for a “poor” loss record.

If you are never going to file a “small” HO claim because of this fear of being cancelled if you do, then it makes sense to up your deductible to $1,000, $5,000, or $25,000 (whatever you can afford) and get the reduction in premium year after year.

I went by the Beltone office today and paid my $500. Even if I find it, I will just keep it as a Spare!!

My home owners insurance deductible is $1000. Even if it was not, I would not have considered filing for this. We have had issues with insurance cancellations with legitimate claims when we had a tree hit our house on two separate occasions. And they were several years apart. One was from a tornado and the other was from the neighbors property. Allstate did not care and dropped us.


I feel for you. I went through almost the exact same thing as you did. Last March I was driving to a doc appointment when the battery went dead in one of my aids. I didn’t want to drive with my ear stopped up with the dead aid, so I took it out. I always, always put my aids if I had to remove them, in the zipper compartment of my purse. So that’s what I did. As I drove along, I put my hand in the compartment to make sure the aid was there, and it was.

I never put the aid back, but ran some errands. I ran out of cash in my wallet and remembered that I had tucked a $50 bill in the zipper compartment. So I used it to pay for coffee at Starbucks and stuff at a small health food store. I was at Starbucks late afternoon and the health food store right before closing.

I went to put my aid in right after getting home and it wasn’t in my purse! Panic ensued. I mean major panic and disbelief. I searched everywhere. Then I called both places I’d been. But they had already swept up for the day. I’m sure the aid had gotten stuckl in the $50 bill and got pulled out and dropped when I went to pay for something. My aid was an Oticon Delta 8000. Gone forever. :-(( I had no replacement insurance left as the aids were almost five years old.

I now am finishing the trial of Oticon Agil Pros. $5200!! My Deltas weren’t up to date, but I never would have thought of replacing them.

So I feel for you, but am glad your aid only cost you $500.

BTW…an audi offered me the chance to buy a refurbished Delta for $1K or a demo for $500. I wore the demo for a week and it literally fell apart. So your $500 investment is well worth it.

Hi Nancy,
Yes, I am glad I had the coverage. Made it easier to swallow.

I got the replacement in last week. Took longer than usual to get it over the holidays. So far so good. And I am trying my best not to take them off.

Been looking for a good way to store them if I do need to remove them during the day. Being a guy I do not have a purse. My laptop bag does not move around with me all day, so it is not a good option. And my pockets are already full with remote for the aids, cell phone, keys, wallet, money, pocket knife, etc. So no room for a case. May have to get a Fanny Pack! :smiley:

I use a hard sided earbud case from Levenger (? Spelled that right) that has a keychain clip. There are probably smaller pouches or cases, but with this one $6000 won’t get squished in my handbag. If I’m not home and take the aids off, they go in the case at once. No ands, ifs, or buts. I also learned to take them off before trying on clothes in stores. Luckily I heard it hit the mirror as I pulled off the dress!

what really sucks is when you loose a $1500-$2000 hearing aid and it was given to you by a charity group and it didn’t have insurance :o:mad:

I was so mad at myself for loosing the first hearing aid for me that actually had the ability to mimic how a real ear works when filtering out sound.

It was 3-5 years without a hearing aid before I could replace it with a problematic cheap piece of itchy dead weight

This is why insurance of HA’s are important. There is a friend of mine who don’t prefer taking insurances. Will show him this post as how Reiden saved so much…

In my office I charge a 20% replacement fee. The mfg charges me about $175. If its a bte then I have to order a new earmold $ 40-55.

Plus my time in ordering, fitting and adj the aid.

You need to keep in mind that if you ever find the lost aid it now belongs to the mfg ( assuming you put in a loss and damage claim ). Don’t ever send that once lost aid to the factory. They will keep it.