DAI for Oticon Epoq?

Hello, I’ve been a follower in this forum for quite some time and I love reading the posts here about bluetooth, DAI, hacking, etc. I used to have a Oticon Digifocus, but now I finally upgraded to an RITE Oticon Epoq W after 22+ years of wearing BTE hearing aids!

I currently use the streamer for phone calls, music, and such. But I found that while moving in the gym, I often lose connection as I am always in motion whether be it on a treadmill or on a weights machine probably because my motion often escapes coverage of the inductive loop. With my old Digifocus, I was able to use DAI cords and shoes to hear music even in motion, even though it wasn’t wireless.

Is there such a DAI cord or shoe or both for the Epoq W? My audiologist, who isn’t really a geek, said no and Streamer was my only option. I found that very, very odd! I’m looking forward to your inputs!

Here’s an example of a DAI boot and cord. Is there one for the Epoq?


I think it’s Streamer. The benefit is no wires. Here’s some info on streamer.

Thanks for your kind message. I realize that the Streamer has no wires, but the downside of such wireless reception is that the reception fails when I’m moving rapidly (jogging, weightlifting, etc. in the gym for example). Normally I would use the Streamer for everyday activities, but for strenuous activities, a DAI would overcome the reception problem. I just need to know the proper shoe and DAI cord that would work properly for an Epoq W.


When I used the Streamer on a treadmill, I had the drop out problem also. But…

The drop out was on the Bluetooth connection between the phone & the Streamer and not on the induction loop between the Streamer and the Aids. The problem was actually on the phone and not the streamer.

The only drop out I have ever had on the Induction loop is when I am not using the supplied neck cord or I turn the neck cord too far to one side or the other. If I am working out, I also turn the Streamer’s button guard on so I don’[t accidentally turn the phone or BT connection on or off.

To test if the drop outs are on the bluetooth side (iPod to Streamer) you can hard wire from the ipod into the streamer and see if you still have an issue, if there are no drop outs, the problem is not on the induction side and a dai connection would not be needed.

Hi, There is a DAI for your EPOQ W: I believe its:

Oticon Number 399-50-520-08 DAI Boot - Epoq XW, W

Squeezer, thanks for your reply. That is a good test. I will try it later this week.

Kretsch, thanks for the part number.

I talked with my audiologist and he gave an alternative solution for my Epoq and iPhone (which already has A2DP Bluetooth). I am confused. I thought the Epoq W could ONLY pair with the Streamer and no other Bluetooth device. Is that incorrect?

“If you are pairing your iPod to the hearing aids, simply get a Dongle from SONY that will make your ipod blue tooth compatible and avoid any wiring? Go on to Amazon.com and look for SONY Dongle. Attach it to the bottom of your ipod and pair it to the streamer and you have the iPod equivalent of a phone system with two options–Bluetooth telephone and bluetooth ipod. GYB”

I found these words in the Epoq Fitting Guide:
Sorry, the picture was lost.

I never had drop outs when using the Streamer with my Blackberry Pearl. It is only since changing to the iPhone 3GS that I have had trouble. For that reason, I am going to propose the primary issue is related to the strength of the iphone’s A2DP signal. In fact if the charge level on either the phone or the Streamer get low, I have even more drop outs regardless of proximity or activity.

Just to be clear, your Epoqs DO NOT connect to anything via bluetooth. ONLY the Streamer connects or pairs to outside electronics via bluetooth or hardwire.
Your Epoqs will only connect with your particluar Streamer via Induction (and possibly a radio signal for the remote control functions) . Your HAs have to be mated to your Streamer by the AuD via the Oticon fitting software (He has to set the Serial number in the program for the Aids to recognize the Streamer device’s program controls. That way, you never get controlled by my Streamer if I am standing near you.:smiley:

(I wish you could be paired to more than one Streamer, because I would go for both black & white streamers if I could switch between them without an office visit.)

There was also supposed to be an FM attachment that could be plugged into the Streamer, but I have not seen it listed anywhere yet. (Future Function??)

Your Streamer can be paired with multiple devices (I think is has memory for 8 or 10 pairings) and If you have the latest Streamer firmware update, you can have up to 4 active connections simultaneously. (2 phone and 2 Audio)However, you can only activate one of those connections at a time. That means you can be connected to 2 phones at the same time and either will ring thru to your HAs. But while on a call, the other line will not ring thru.

I believe your AuD is making this suggestion on the (now outdated) info that Apple products (phone & iPod) did not have A2DP which used to be true. For those who have upgraded to the newest OS, you would not need to use a 3rd party BT Transmitter.

This is what folks who do not have bluetooth capable phones or mp3 players have to do. There are a number of BT transmitters out there but if you consider using them for TV, be aware that they will have a noticable time delay.

Hope this helps…

Thank you Squeezer. My iPhone 3G might be the problem. One person said that 3.1 firmware improved on the Bluetooth functions over 3.0, but I am not sure as I am still on 3.0. What firmware are you using? I suspect Bluetooth on the iPhone is the issue now that you mention it and not the Streamer. I am going to run a test by hardwiring my iPhone to the Streamer via a 2.5 mm - 3.5 mm headphone cable, and see if any streaming drops. If no streaming drops, then it means that Bluetooth and not the inductive loop is the culprit.

Also I believe in 3.1, the AVRCP profile is not current and hence you can not fast forward or reward (only pause/play) on the Bluetooth device.

I have a 3 GS running OS v3.1 and my Streamer was sent back to Oticon to be updated to the latest firmware V1.2 (You can tell if the Streamer was updated by looking at the label on the back side for a black dot in the lower left corner)

I did not see any improvement in the BT function. You cannot control the iPhone mp3 player with the streamer except for on the iPhone 3GS. Voice commands can be initialted by a short press of the phone button on the streamer. A long press of the Streamer phone button initiates last number re-dial (this last works with all iphones)

Because of the poor BT connection which seems to be poorest with A2DP as I seldom drop phone calls, I also carry my old BB Pearl and use it for Streaming music instead of my iPhone.

IMHO, Apple has not come close to stepping up to where they should be re: bluetooth functions.

Hi. I’m new here. I purchased a pair of Epoq VW’s, with the streamer, and connectline recently. I too have issues when I am in motion for the connectline and when I listen to my Mp3 player. I have an old sansa by the way. Have you heard of the Amigo series oticon makes?

I never wore a boot on my hearing aid. Is it comfortable? Do you feel the weight of the boot on your ear?


My old HIs were Bernafon icos BTE with which I used DAI boots. I never really felt the weight of the boots, but sometimes did catch the wire on my hand or chair headrest which would yank a HI out of my ear. I kept switching from having the Y behind my head when I wore the MP3 player on my arm, to in front when listening to my belt-clip radio. When in front, I routed the wire down my shirt and out between the last button and the waist of my pants. This rigging rarely resulted in yanked HIs. The worst thing was when I attached the boots while wearing the HIs and would later pull out a bit of hair that had gotten caught in them.

i have fitted quite afew amigos. the r12 is quite small…

I too faced similar issues. The DAI solved the jogging music problems for me. I think the iPhone has buggy bluetooth software or doesn’t have enough memory to continually stream properly. Plus I often escape the range of the inductive loop so it’s not a great quality connection either.

Has any one here has any problems with Epoq receiver problems? I’ve been changing out new receiver about every 4 months… sucks.

I am a 75 year old male. First time HA user. I am to pick up a pair of Phonak Audeo S Smart 5 hearing aids this week. I have been reading the postings on here but they seem to all be for the 9’s. What features are available for the 5’s and what should I start out with. I love to travel, concerts, churdh, and time with my grandchildren.

Hi. Did you get the Audeo 5s? As a hearing aid wearer I have found that opting for a mid range aid and expecting the performance of a high end aid is setting yourself up to be disappointed. You’ve listed quite a variety of environments and perhaps the Audeo 5 isn’t upto the task in hand. I tried mid range aids and gave up, ending up spending a little more (which I didn’t think I could afford until I realised the benefit of doing so) to get better ones.