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I am working with a group of Biomedical Engineering Masters students at the University of Toronto, to improve the design of existing cochlear implants. To help guide the design process, we were hoping to receive some feedback from customers. Your insights will help us design the next generation of cochlear implants, which are better suited to your lifestyle and personal needs.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the below survey and share it with your contacts. Furthermore, feel free to leave any comments regarding your specific hearing implant (including the brand).


Azeen Moradipour

I did the survey. I have a CI design question. I’m not sure what the parts are called, but one part of the external hardware looks like a hearing aid, and it has a wire attached to the part that I assume has a magnet and that part sticks to the internal part and powers it?

Could that part (the round piece that sticks to the scalp) be made into the hearing aid shape so it clings to the scalp just at/above the external ear. In other words, could the hearing aid have the magnet, and the internal part be located under the skin just where the hearing aid sits on the ear. It would be much less noticeable that way.

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@Don I’m having a Ci next year. Prof Briggs approached me to be apart of this trial for the fully implantable CI. I said no thanks I’ll stick with the N7 or the latest version of that when the time comes. Here’s an article I found on it for you to read…

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Very interesting! Thank you for the link.

Very interesting about the fully implantable CI, thank you for posting. I’m about to go on the public waiting list for a CI and am absolutely freaking out. Waiting list of 3-5 YEARS apparently and I’m almost at the profound stage now so I am desperately trying to cling on to the hearing world. Progressive loss since I was a young girl, now 38 and still wearing an analogue aid!