Custom ITE Livio announced at Starkey Expo today

I’m not personally at the event, but my colleague Dave Copithorne is there and sent the news in…

Here’s a quote from Dave Fabry, Chief Innovation Officer at Starkey Hearing Technologies

Was so much fun to present with Drs Achin Bhowmik & Sara Burdak to launch LivioAi with Custom 2.4 RECHARGEABLE, Edge Mode, Thrive Care, Table Mic, and SO much more!

Also, here’s a screencapture I found of the announcement being made at the Starkey Expo.


Eager to hear if these are a step forward for Starkey, who I see as lagging at least feature-wise. Is rechargeable really a good idea? Can you get them in non-rechargeable? I mentioned in another thread that my 90+ year old mom’s audi is pushing Livio at the “old folks home” where she runs a monopoly it seems. Last go around she sold my mom a streamer and remote she never used.

grantb5 you said you "see Starkey, “as lagging at least feature-wise” can you give some examples of features or areas you see them lagging behind in?


right now Starkey is doing some incredible work with features that other manufacturers have not even begun to work on. Fall detection, language translation, fitness tracking, heart beat monitoring, just to name a few.

I was speaking to someone who works for Phonak, and he kind of poo-pooed these features as unusable for our current patients. While our older population won’t use some of these features, the generation now coming into the need for hearing aids are going to love the feature set Starkey is offering.

I am someone that just wants to understand speech better. That is my number one need. I see all of these other features taking away from the real need of the hard of hearing and that is hearing better most of all speech in what every environment I am in. I have a watch that counts steps and warns of a hard fall, keeps up with my heart rate and even EKG. I want my aids to allow me the hear better.


They are doing some pretty cool stuff with all the tecchy features, but the livio line is also a great performer in noise.

Although I’m a fan of 900MHz for the range, does Starkey offer any non-gateway device Bluetooth? It looks like Livio might be the first, but I’m not clear on what connectivity they offer. I like the sound of my Muse devices, just hoping Starkey tech hasn’t been derailed by all the legal drama they’ve endured.

That is impressive. I will be getting new aids this summer from the VA and I am doing my research. My Audi has asked me to search for what I really would like. I have made a list, and speech understanding in every environment, encluding phone calls both with and without streaming the calls is at the top of that list. I also think it is time for me to give up changing batteries every 4 days and go with rechargeable hearing aids.

I gotta say that I have upgraded a hundred or so people over the last year from older Starkey’s, and several other brands, and 95% of the people have said that the Livio has been a huge improvement in clarity and natural sound. They have a great APP that allows you to control the aids from your phone, stream music, or phone calls, find the hearing aids if you’ve set them down somewhere, and long distance adjustments anywhere in the world.

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I am also a believe that I should ask my Audi what he believes is best for my hearing needs, and also what aids he really feels most comfortable with fitting, I have found over the years that when an Audi knows certain aids and fits them that I get the best results. I am not sure that my Audi really feels comfortable fitting the aids that I am wearing at this time.