Custom hearing aid with telecoil only

I have a friend who is curious how much a small CIC custom hearing aid would cost that only has the telecoil in it, like the one that the Administrator mentioned using as a pair for his Artone neckloop.

I have to know your exact requirement and content in the CIC. It looks like you only want monitor t-coil in the CIC with a receiver. Is that correct?

Pretty much. Just the bare minimum to get something like the Artone neckloop to work for someone who does not have hearing loss.

A small T-coil only CIC with manual volume control should be around $195 with replaceable and varying size eartips to match his/her ear.

I’m interested in the same thing - where could we buy one of these CIC devices?


Michael K.

How many of our forum users would be interested in purchasing a telecoil only CIC with a manual volume control for under $200?

If there is enough interest, I can have them made. I already have a prototype that I use with my Artone Bluetooth neckloop (I don’t have hearing loss) and works very well, without having a huge bluetooth headset hanging out of my ear.

Im in for one!

Michael K. from Denmark.

I bet my dad would like one, he loves stuff like this and is jealous of me for having it already :stuck_out_tongue:

If you did make it available, you could market the neckloop and the CIC together as a package thing. I think people who were non hearing challenged would be more apt to buying these two products together if it was not marketed as a hearing aid + accessory, and just the worlds smallest bluetooth head set ^^

this product could make sense for the people who work in TV
so you could have for instance a wired tele loop and the
guy reading the news listening to the direccions…
this could be easily marketable to this target group

I could see actors using this to remember their lines…