Custom hearing aid (CIC, ITE) with built-in Bluetooth?

Looking for the above. Currently I’m trying the Oticon Own ITE, but wondering what else is out there. Bonus points if it uses a battery.

It looks like the Starky Evolv AI CIC might fit the bill, but I can’t seem to click-through on the Starkey site to see for sure. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Other options?

I like the specs on the Resound Custom, except for the rechargeable battery.

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Thanks, I will look. I wish I could see what is behind this link:

I have the Phone Virto Paradise P90-312 aids that I believe satisfy you needs. I’m very pleased with mine! Google them and look at the Phone page.

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It looks like it, thanks!

Great! Sorry about the spell check Changing Phonak.

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I was told that the Starky Evolv has bluetooth. I had asked my audi to order a set for me, but in between my appointment and her actually placing the order she received a pair for another customer. They were the first new ones she had seen in person, and they were quite a bit bigger than expected (bigger than my old starkeys). They also have an antenna that replaces the pull cord (not sure what that is called :slight_smile: ) which to me seemed to stick out quite a bit. I decided not to go with them, but then again I am a relatively small person - on a bigger person they would probably be ok.

Yeah the antenna is an odd choice what with the number of pulls I break off. I wonder if the model she received is the rechargeable one? I’m looking for old school 312 battery style.

I don’t think you’re going to find a really small CIC with Bluetooth. An ITE sure, but you’ll give up somethings to get a really small CIC.

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For myself, any in the ear style is fine (I use headphones but over time may lesson this if the streaming is solid). It seems the larger in the ear formats that fit the bill for me are rechargeable, but the smaller ones use the 312 which is what I want.

No, it uses a 312 battery. As far as I am aware it doesn’t come in rechargeable (although I could be wrong). However for context, the ones I was using previously used a size 10 battery, so was pretty small. So maybe if you are used to something with a 312 you wouldn’t find it a lot bigger. The person she ordered it for did not keep it - he found it too big for him as well.

Interesting. I look at photos of the Phonak Virto Paradise P-312 and it looks quite large (half shell and full shell only). Digging around the Starkey site I am not confident that their Custom products actually support Bluetooth, so I may have been mistaken about the Starkey Evolv AI 2400 CIC. I think what their marketing has done is mention that it’s 2.4GHz, but what they don’t say is that it’s their proprietary 2.4GHz and that it still requires a gateway/bridge to get to actual Bluetooth.

I decided not to go that route so I can’t personally confirm, but I was told that the Evolv AI does support bluetooth without an intermediate device (i.e direct streaming from your phone). My previous Starkey hearing aids could stream audio through the surflink device, and I did not find that useful for me at all, so I specifically asked the question. Although it is convenient I could live without streaming but I wanted to be able to adjust the program and volume without carrying around a secondary device. I was told that the bluetooth capability was the reason for the increase in size over my older starkeys as well as the need for the noticeable antenna. They do still make a smaller IIC that does not have bluetooth capabilities.

Thanks. I have the Surflink era stuff right now. I find the quality good and the range of the 900MHz unbeatable (I can transmit from my house to the neighbors!), but I agree that the secondary device thing makes it too much hassle to use most of the time.