Custom Earbuds to Allow Falling Asleep?


I listen to a lot of podcasts, audiobooks and music especially in bed in the evening. My BTE ha are really uncomfortable and I would like to be able to fall asleep with them in listening to some sleep tracks since my sleep is not going well lately and I am trying to find a solution. The BTE though love them in general are not good for laying in bed.

First, does anyone know of earbuds that are tuned for the human voice (like emphasizing middle and higher frequencies) I could just take my ha out and plug the buds into my iphone.

Bluetooth would be better. I have a pair of Apple Airbuds but the speech quality, even though they are tuned for the midrange is just not as good as some of my plain old Sennheiser earbuds.

Any ideas would be great thanks !

Thought about getting a pair of in-ear aids just fro streaming but I don’t have that kind of cash laying around



I use Sleep Phones made by Acoustic Sheep. They make a wired and BT version. Available on Amazon.



thanks, do you use the bluetooth version and so they work ok ?



I have not tried the BT version. I have tinnitus and I use the wired version to plug into my Roku remote. I use the Roku to provide rain sounds while I sleep.



would like wireless if possible, anyway thanks, i will check them out